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Nature Therapy

Nature therapy, often known as Eco-therapy, is founded on the idea of using nature to help in our healing, particularly psychologically. 

With nature therapy, we get to spend some time outside of our bubbles. You can go for a walk in the park, ride a bike through a meadow or just look at a rainbow after the rain. Just like your childhood times. 

Did you know there are about 5 types of nature therapy? If not, let’s talk about them! 

5 Types of Nature Therapy

There are various sorts of therapies since nature therapy programs can include a variety of activities. Some examples are:

  • Adventure Therapy: This is for all the adrenaline seekers out there! It’s an activity where you explore nature individually or in a group, such as mountain climbing, rafting, and hiking to name a few. Something that refreshes your soul, allowing you to look at nature differently. Who wouldn’t love that?
  • Animal Assisted Therapy: This helps you so much in healing when you develop a therapeutic relationship with animals such as dogs. Well, you know what they say about dogs. They are human’s best friends, and you sure love a fluff ball running around in your garden just waiting to give you all the hugs in the world! 
  • Arts and Crafts: This form mixes natural elements with innovative crafts. You may utilize your artistic abilities to paint in your garden or a park. This category also encompasses the use of natural materials such as clay, grass, or wood as a source of inspiration for your art. 
  • Dark Nature: This type of activity takes place in the dark when you are just randomly lying down in the grass, stargazing. Let’s be honest, this sounds fun, and we are in all for this! 
  • Farming Therapy: While in this type you might be petting a few animals on a farm, planting, or just watering the plants. A big treat for animal lovers! 


Benefits of Hanging Out with Nature

Being outside isn’t simply a myth; it’s actually beneficial to your health. Here are some reasons why spending time outside is beneficial.

  • You Feel Happy: We’ve heard a lot of people vouch for this – being in nature does wonders to your moods. Instantly lights up your mood when you’re just outside randomly looking at the clouds
  • You Concentrate Better: A break in nature improves your concentrations level! Guess why? As it enjoys a much-needed respite from everyday life. So leave your worries behind and go take a hike! 
  • Nature Reduces Stress: Being in nature or even just in the neighborhood taking a walk without worrying about anything can reduce stress in your body!

Keep You Youthful: Are you also worried that you won’t age gracefully? Taking that walk outside might make you think otherwise. 

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