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Top Reasons Why The Air Conditioner May Be Giving You A Sore Throat

Air conditioning is an essential feature of the summer months for most householders. The simple fact is that it can get too hot outside and you need a space where you can retreat, cool down, and collect your thoughts. Alongside this, AC can help improve productivity and ensure you sleep properly.

However, regardless of whether you have the best industrial air conditioning on the market or not, you may find that you turn the AC on and you get a sore throat. While there are several possibilities, such as allergens, viruses, and even eating the wrong foods, the truth is that your AC unit is likely to be the cause of the issue.

How Air Conditioners Work

Air conditioners suck in warm moist air and cool it by passing the air through a condenser. The coils are full of a special liquid that absorbs the warmth from the air. However, when air is cooled it is no longer able to hold as much moisture. In short, the cool air is dryer and the moisture is pushed outside of the home.

But, the AC doesn’t just dry the air by removing moisture! It also expels the hot air outside and, perhaps most significantly, it recycles the cooled air inside your home.

How This Gives You A Sore Throat

The first issue is that the air is cooled and dried. If you have ever tried breathing in and out through your mouth and not your nose you’ll notice how quickly the air absorbs the moisture from your mouth and leaves you with a dry and scratchy throat.

Alongside this, the fact that the AC unit recycles the air means that any viruses and bacteria in the air are simply being moved around your house. This will increase the likelihood of you contracting the virus and developing a sore throat.

Of course, the filters in your AC unity should prevent this from happening. But, if the filters aren’t replaced often enough you may find that they are not effective at capturing all the allergens in your home.  This is one of the reasons the filters should be cleaned regularly and replaced as per the guidelines that came with your unit.

Pre-Existing Conditions

If you commonly suffer from allergies and other issues then you will be more prone to a sore throat from your AC unit. This is why you’ll need to be extra attentive to throat issues and looking after your AC properly.

A regularly serviced and maintained AC unit shouldn’t increase your risk of a sore throat. If you are experiencing one it’s a sign that your AC unit needs a little love. The sooner you have it looked at the sooner your throat will feel better.

Don’t forget, it’s generally a good idea to run your air conditioning unit for the first time each year before you need it. This will help to clear anything out of the pipes and reduce the likelihood of a sore throat.

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