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The Most Dazzling Precious Stone Affordable Investments

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Adorning jewelry with precious stones is an ancient tradition going back to the beginning of time. Then, jewelry was a way to signify one’s prince and status within society. Today, even the most precious gemstones are affordable by most in the developed world. The diamond industry alone is worth $80 billion annually.

As stunning as these adornments are, you can play the long game and save for your future by investing in specific precious stones in various ways that might be something like NFT Diamonds investment. Gemstones rarely depreciate in value and can be purchased for a relatively inexpensive price depending on markets and the economy. The best thing about these precious metals is they can also stand well against hyperinflation. Moreover, with the availability of gold bonds and IRAs, people do not even need to store them physically, making it an even more alluring option. All they may need to do is to go through the Augusta or goldco review and similar others, to learn which investments can yield better profits.

On that note, here are some of the best materials you can buy now for increased sales later.

A Girl’s Best Friend

They may be forever. They may be your best friend. But whatever you think of them, diamonds are always a worthwhile investment. The natural diamond and jewelry industry work together to produce stunning pieces (, and many are sold on for profit or to private collections. However, due to ongoing conflict with diamond production, man-made diamonds are becoming very popular in a world more aware of exploitation.

But diamonds are also an excellent investment. Like other valuable materials such as gold and silver which can be invested in through specific platforms by checking out resources like noble gold reviews and others, for example, diamonds are recession-proof and continually increase in value. The rate of increase fluctuates according to the markets but never goes down. Some diamonds are known to appreciate by around 20% per year. However, you must remain cautious as pricing a diamond can be tricky and could vary between appraisers.

Breakfast at Tiffany’s

One of the latest discoveries among precious gemstones is Tanzanite which was discovered in 1967. The rich blue color of Tanzanite is similar to sapphire. It is now trendy thanks to its use by renowned jewelers Tiffany & Co. in many of its designs. At the moment, Tanzanite is affordable by most, at around $1,200 per ⅕ carat (200mg). Yet, it is widely publicized to be an excellent investment in collecting stones for your jewelry box.

The reason is that Tanzanite is subject to overproduction and, as such, is becoming rare. Around 1000x rarer than diamond, in fact. Therefore, the value of Tanzanite is predicted to increase by a vast amount over the next 20 years or so. However, just like diamonds, the quality of Tanzanite varies and will affect the value enormously. You can purchase lower-quality Tanzanite for around $200 per carat. But When there’s none left, even lower quality stones could be worth a great deal.

A Rose by any Other Name

Utah and New Mexico in the United States are known for their vastness and isolated beauty. These states are home to stunning animals, even more, beautiful landscapes and rich ancient history. They are also rich in one of the world’s most dazzling precious stones, red beryl, also known as red emeralds. However, red beryl is a rare stone, and sourcing a piece that weighs more than one carat is difficult because of the manganese content, which gives it the red color.

However, because of its rarity and beauty, a ⅕ carat piece of red beryl sells for around $1,000. As such, red beryl is highly collectible, and its value always appreciates. But the great thing about red beryl is that its pricing is limited. This is because manganese cannot richly color the stones past a few carats. Therefore red beryl stones are tiny in size and weight. Hence, they are an affordable investment.

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