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Esports: The Best First-Person Shooter Games

If shooter games are your thing when you are looking for Esports to play, then there are some ideas below as to the best ones that look at the genre from a first-person perspective. For a provider, try VamosGG Esports.

So, to the games that we can enjoy playing for both enjoyment and the challenge of combat.

Call of Duty

Call of Duty was released as an Esport in 2003. The mechanics of the game will alter significantly from year to year despite no new version of the game being released annually. 

Competitive gaming has existed with Call of Duty since 2010, making it among the longest-running of the Esports leagues. It was in 2013 that the first Global Championship for the game took place. The prize pool was an eye-watering $1 million. This would rise to $6 million for the 2020 tournament.

The fastest-selling game in history was Call of Duty’s Modern Warfare 3. This first-person shooter game, developed by Infinity Ward and Sledgehammer Games, is about a conflict between Ultranationalist Russia and NATO countries. So, includes the USA, UK, Germany, France, Italy, Czech Republic, and Canada. This makes it an Esport of global interest with anyone from these countries likely to be interested in playing it with their country in mind.

CCGO (Counter-Strike Global Offensive)

Created in 2012 by Valve, CSGO is a 5v5 game. It is where an attacking team, which is tagged by terrorists, will try to plant a bomb at one of two bomb sites as a minimum aim. In opposition, there will be the defending team or Counter-Terrorists, to try and stop the attacking team achieve its mission. 

Counter-Strike is the oldest of Esports, having been around since 2000.

During pro leagues, CSGO will attract fan bases of more than 100,000 viewers daily. It is a dedicated community of followers and the largest in the world in terms of Esports.

CSGO is a good shooter game in that it rewards both aim and intelligence, which surely is contributing to its increasing popularity among gamers.

Rainbow 6 Siege

Developed by Ubisoft and released in 2015, Rainbow 6 Siege offers gamers a tactical first-person shooter game as an Esport. 

To play, each competitor will take charge of either a defender or an attacker within wide-ranging gameplay modes. These modes offer players the opportunity to rescue hostages, defuse bombs, and take charge of an objective within a room.

Again, designed as a 5v5 game, the first team to succeed will be the one that wins five rounds in total. That is the aim.


If you are looking for a “hero” first-person shooter Esport, then Overwatch is a good choice. Each player can be one of thirty different heroes. Each of them will have a unique ability and style of attack. Gamers can choose from three classes of heroes, including damage, support, and tank. Drafted into teams of five, these heroes can have a significant impact. It is a lesson in teamwork, in that there is a demonstration here of how effective these heroes can be when they work together to achieve success.

The main hero in Overwatch is Soldier 76. This is the character you will play the first time you experience Overwatch and when in the practice range. 

This Esport dates to 2016 and was created by Blizzard Entertainment. So, it is later in date than the other three but has gained a good following.

In conclusion, the four first-person shooter games above exist alongside many other shooter games that are possible to play as Esports. The shooters particularly will help improve brain skills. Studies referenced in Scientific American Mind cited that gamers playing shooters fared better in tests involving visual acuteness, decision-making, and spatial focus and reasoning.

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