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5 Smart tips for an amazing Short-Term rental experience

Living spaces that become experiences

Traveling or working at a new place for a short period? Short-term rental is a fantastic idea worth considering. Their popularity has increased exponentially due to the advertisement on the internet and information through their websites. Simply put, short-term rentals/month to month apartments allow you to have a feeling of “home away from home”.

Short-term rentals have the edge over hotels as they are spacious, cost-effective, family-friendly, with all the amenities, safe and gated. They are a combination of comfort and affordability. Just imagine a place that you can call your own and customize. You can avail of the services of Nashville short term rentals by Kasa, which offers a range of benefits like fully furnished apartments that you can enjoy with friends and family. Kasa has many other properties with short term rentals which you can enjoy with a simple internet search.

If you are entirely sold on the idea of short-term rentals, let’s look at some of the smart tips to rent these short-term rentals.

Smart Short-Term Rental Tips

  1. Smart to plan Early

Booking an early accommodation with short term rentals will give you an edge by saving money, you can get some good deals, you can choose from the range of living spaces available with them with different amenities like number bedrooms, bathrooms, kitchen amenities, lounge facilities like TV, sofa types etc. In case of unforeseen circumstances, planning will give you the benefit of the adjustment.

  1. Check the location

Location can make or break short-term renting. Kasa’s Nashville short term rental is located at such a unique location that you can feel the pulse of this Music City. It is a few miles away from Frist Museum, The Station Inn and The Raymann Auditorium. The food and dining experience, biking and jogging trails, shopping areas, everything are near the Kasa living space in Nashville.

  1. Check for the amenities

While booking the condo or apartment, check for the amenities provided by that unit. If you are interested in renting Kasa living spaces in Nashville for your work trip or family holiday, you will get all the amenities that suit your requirement. Some facilities are ultrafast WIFI, laptop facility, TV, kitchen with local groceries and cooking tools and a fridge, AC, pool, gym, community center to name a few. All you need to take care of is to inform Kasa about the kind of health issue, if any, you have like diabetes, blood pressure etc. You need to bring in a doctor’s prescription while coming by flight if you have any ailment. This helps the professional team of Kasa to align their medical team with you.

  1. Know all the rules

Familiarize yourself with all the conditions and rules of the apartment or condo you are about to book. For instance, if you’re looking at new apartments for rent in Downtown Sunnyvale, CA, you may have to make sure that you go through the website and learn more about living in those apartments. This will give you ample time to negotiate the rules at your convenience. Especially, pet lovers must check in advance whether the owner allows pets on the property.

  1. Read and Re-Read the contract before signing

After surveying a property on the internet, some people get so excited that they sign the contract without reading it properly. For your safety and benefit, read and re-read the contract. The contract is important as it mentions the terms both parties agree to, an outline of the payment schedule, details such as housekeeping, amenities and security.


The benefits of short term rentals are surely enticing, so keep this guide of smart tips while booking so that you get the best of deals you deserve. Whether you are a foreigner or a local resident, a clear sense of short-term rental will allow you the benefit of staying in a perfect place and what’s better than Kasa’s Nashville short term rentals which are a combination of comfort, affordability, safety and modern amenities.

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