Pets can be great for a family. They teach kids responsibility and compassion, alongside a whole host of other things, as well as providing love and support to the rest of the family. Yes, a naughty dog might occasionally eat your blueberry oatmeal muffins off the table from time to time, but they provide far more positives than negatives.

When it comes to choosing the ideal pet for you and your family, though, it can be tough. Are you looking for a fluffy dog? Checked out some crested geckos for sale? There are a number of things people need to factor in before deciding on the ideal pet for them, be it the family’s living arrangements, schedule, activity levels, and budget. For some, the idea of adding a pet to the family vanishes after assessing those various factors, instead opting to return back to the virtual pet world by playing animal-themed slot games or buying their kids talking toy cats instead. Ultimately, those types of alternatives don’t provide the same joy and memories that a pet can, though, which is why it deserves careful consideration. You’ll be taking care of another life, after all, therefore making it entirely worthwhile to consider all aspects of what looking after one entails.

Some families might struggle to fall in love with a reptile, while others might despise cats, but it’s ultimately about assessing which animals are best suited to your home. With that in mind, below is a look at some of the most common pets for families.

At the top of most peoples’ lists

We had to kick things off with dogs. Fact is, most of the world has an affinity with dogs, and they certainly make for excellent pets if you can find the right breed for your family. The ultimate family pet, dogs are a big responsibility, though. Some dogs are more high maintenance than others, for example, while others might not be suitable around kids. Some families like to find pugs mix with other breeds. There are an array of common misconceptions that do the rounds, too. For instance, bulldogs don’t always get the best press, but they are actually brilliant family pets. Not only are they protective and loyal, but bulldogs require very little care and attention.

An unlikely addition

When looking at what type of pet a family might like, pigs probably don’t enter the equation for the average family unit. As a matter of fact, though, pigs are seriously great family pets. They do require more work than other pets but what you get in return is entirely worth it. They’re cleaner than dogs at times, incredibly playful, and can take any rough play sessions with kids.

Maybe you’re just a cat person?

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Sometimes it’s best to stick with what you know. With cats, that’s exactly the appeal. Like dogs, people might’ve grown up with a cat or had a friend who had one. There’s a reason why they’ve always been so popular, basically. However, those who have not grown up with pets in their homes are often quite skeptical about bringing one. They tend to wonder “are caracals good pets?” as they’re a species of wild cat, or if bull dogs can be a suitable pet at home. But as superb companions for the family, pets of the feline variety are relatively low maintenance, they tend to clean up after themselves, and are always up for a cuddle. All you would probably need to worry about is getting the right food for them – something that is nutritious and healthy for them, like Nature’s Feast maybe? You could read up Nature’s Feast reviews online along with the food brand you have in mind to make an informed choice about the food your furry friend would have.

Snakes, anyone?

People are scared of snakes, but most of them are harmless and make for superb pets. Corn snakes and ball pythons are recommended in particular, although there are some other breeds that are suitable for the family. Snakes only need to be fed once a week, their cages don’t need regular cleaning, and they don’t possess the same risk factor as we’re led to believe. In fact, snakes very rarely bite, only potentially doing so if they’re starving or being taunted.

Other popular options include fish, birds, hamsters, rabbits, guinea pigs, and turtles.

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