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How to Protect Your Garden from Wildlife

Gardens are a great way to grow fresh fruits and vegetables for your family. You can also liven up your property with colorful flowers and plants. But, if you don’t keep your garden protected, all your hard work might go to waste.

Wild animals have a tendency to go after gardens, especially gardens with fruits and veggies. Still, how can you protect your garden from pests? In today’s post, we’ll go over this question in detail. This way you can keep your crops and plants safe from wildlife.

6 Ways to Protect Your Garden From Wildlife

  1. Use Fencing Around Your Garden

Fencing is the most effective way to keep animals off your property. And, while some gardeners don’t enjoy the look of a fence around their plants, installing a new fence by hiring a fencing company in Pflugerville or your vicinity can save your garden from being destroyed.

We recommend using mesh fencing around individual plants or your entire garden. A short fence is better for protecting against smaller wildlife like rabbits and raccoons. While taller fences are better for warding off bigger animals like deer. You can also ask your fencing supplier for suggestions as to which fence would look ideal in your garden.

In fact, painting your decking, fencing, or shed can breathe new life into any garden. Cool colors like white or grey can make your garden appear larger while beautifully contrasting green plants. Installing a fence may even support the formation of a contemporary garden in which you can relax or play with your children. You may just need to call a local fencing company to select from a variety of fences to suit your style, circumstances, and budget, as well as bespoke options that can perfectly fit in with your property.

  1. Contact A Professional

If you want to protect your garden, you might need to get professional help. We recommend hiring an expert at, especially if nuisance animals are destroying your garden. They can help if there are signs of a mole in your yard or other animals are invading.

  1. Use Cloche

If you don’t want to bother putting up a fence around your entire garden, you can protect specific plants in your garden with wire cloches. A wire cloche is a rounded piece of wire mesh and is placed right over your plants like a cover. It keeps plants secure from any wildlife, especially birds. To prevent your garden from bird damages visit to learn more about how you can deal with it.

  1. Use Hot Pepper

Hot pepper might seem like an unconventional choice, but it keeps animals out of your garden. A lot of wildlife has a heightened sense of smell that is easily affected by strong scents. Therefore, when you use a spray of a hot pepper mixture in your garden weekly, animals will stay away from your plants.

To make hot pepper spray for your garden, you can use hot pepper sauce from your kitchen. Mix some of it with a few drops of natural dish soap. You can also add in marigolds or other types of flowers that are strong-smelling plants that wildlife don’t like. This includes lavender and mint.

Blend the mixture, then put it into a spray bottle with some water. Spray the mix of it every week for the best results.

  1. Get Rid of Other Food Sources

Food sources on your property could be attracting animals to your garden. For example, open trash, uneaten pet food, and bird feeders could be a beacon to wildlife. These and other types of open food sources need to be disposed of fast. This way wildlife won’t come to your property and eat your plants. Besides, keeping your garden free of trash and other food sources could also keep away fruit flies and other critters, which would have had to be exterminated with the help of a fruit fly queensland expert otherwise. In case of excessive infestations, professionals may need to step in; at other times, you can take steps to mitigate this problem by yourself.

We strongly suggest putting up a fence and then securing your trash bins and yard to make sure there is nothing that will make wildlife want to visit your property. You can place your bird feeder away from your house, you can check out LoveTheBirds for more information on how to set up your bird feeders properly.

  1. Do Some Research

You want to be proactive and keep pests out of your garden. But, you need to know what kind of animal you are dealing with. Watch your garden and find out what types of wildlife are going into your garden. Then start to do some research. Depending on the animal, some methods will be more effective than others.

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