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Top Tips For Style While Using A Wheelchair

When you use a wheelchair, you have to put a little more thought into what you wear. As well as what looks good and is in fashion, you have to consider how the clothing will interact with your chair and how comfortable it will be for you.

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Don’t wear clothing that is too long

Longer clothing can awkward for wheelchairs user. Long pieces, like scarves or maxi skirts, can easily get caught in the wheels or obstruct other aids like medical exoskeletons. Long pieces might look good, but you will struggle to be able to move freely and will spend a lot of time preventing yourself from getting tangled up. This will soon get annoying. Choose clothes that are closer fitting so you don’t get tangled up when you’re trying to move around.


Draw attention to your waist

Long shirts and jackets can bunch up and look boxy when you are sitting down. Try adding a belt to keep your top where you want it. A belt also emphasizes your waist. Look for more fitted shirts that are tailored at the waist. The material of your clothes makes a difference too. Thick cloth or big buttons can make lumps that make you look thicker.


Another tweak that can help is to have your clothes tailored. Alterations are not usually as expensive as people think, but they make a lot of difference. Have a shirt taken in or a jacket shortened, so you can get the waist definition where you need it and avoid fabric bunching up or getting in the way of your wheels.


Have fun with your shoes

If you spend a lot of time sitting, your shoes will stay in great condition for a lot longer, which is a great excuse to experiment. You can buy shoes that would be much too uncomfortable for you to walk in all day. Experiment with fun shoes that you wouldn’t be able to wear if you had to walk. Less practical shoes are an option too, as they are less likely to get worn out or splashed, or otherwise wrecked.


However, you will need to be very careful to get the right size. Make sure your shoes are not too small for you. If you are someone who can’t always feel your feet, it is very easy to do some real damage to the skin before you notice, by accidentally wearing shoes that are too tight.


Buy longer tops

Longer tops will give the illusion of a leaner torso. If you do not have those, you can also make use of your brother’s or father’s t-shirt from one of those tall mens clothing. It could be perfect for you. Since sitting down can make you look thick around the middle and can also make you look shorter, it is important to dress accordingly.

A shirt that continues past your waist can help to smooth your lines out and elongate your torso, making you look taller and slimmer. A long top will also prevent you from accidentally exposing any skin when you lean over. Shorter shirts often ride up when you are sitting down. If you wear long shirts, you can keep your back and stomach covered whenever you need to reach for something or stretch.


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