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Fashion Tips for Busy Moms

After childbirth, a lot of changes. That goes all the way from your schedule; your body also changes physically and emotionally. You become a new person! With another blessing and responsibility bestowed upon you, your life becomes hectic, especially if you are a working mom.


With so many things to do at a go, you might end up losing touch with style. Well, you cannot be blamed. Not many people can multitask; breastfeeding, going for yoga classes, making dinner for the family, and still take care of themselves. That, however, does not mean staying fashionable is impossible!

Mom Fashion Tips

You may have noticed that your wardrobe changed completely when you were pregnant. Bouncing back is not always that easy. However, with the tips below, you should be able to revamp your closet.

1. Have Open Cardigans

You cannot afford to miss open cardigans in your fleet. They go well with almost everything. The best part is that you will not have to sacrifice comfort. They serve the same purpose as jackets, but they are even better: they will add a sense of style to your outfit and also give you a feminine look. Do not let your skinny jeans look so plain; you can always throw a cardi over it.

2. Scarves

This is one accessory that is always underestimated. You only get to realize how fashionable it looks when someone else is wearing it. The infinity scarf is not just like any other kind of scarf. It comes with a unique sense of style. They come in many patterns and textures; you only need to know the one that goes well with a specific outfit. The best part is that they are a perfect replacement for necklaces and your pearls. Just because the baby cannot help but pull on your necklace and earrings does not mean you stop accessorizing!

3. Jumpsuits and Rompers

If you are wondering why celebrity moms like Jessica Alba have a thing for jumpsuits, then here is the catch. On top of being very hip, they are very functional! Note that you will have to bend from time to time to either pick your child’s toy or the pacifier. While wearing low cut jeans may be tasking for you, you can find a similarly stylish replacement: jumpsuits. You will bend and play with no worries without showing off your skin more than you would prefer.

4. Flowy Dresses and Skirts

You are a busy mom, and you have a lot to attend to other than just meeting a client over a cocktail. You will be spending more time with your kids, and you will want to keep up with their pace. Children love to run around, roll over the ground, and many other things they deem fun. A flowy skirt would serve better than a pencil skirt. Also, they look pretty cute. Check out these Celia B Dresses for some flowery, flowy inspiration!

5. Leggings and Shirt Dress

This style is familiar with many moms. It must be because it is so effortless. The shirt dress can come in different designs, materials and so on. Adding leggings to the shirtdress completes the look. You can show up to your child’s school with this look, with probably a cardigan on top. For a chic look, you can wear an infinity scarf.


How to Save Money While Looking Fashionable

Changing your entire wardrobe may not be practical at this point. You are already spending a lot on nursery and getting nutritious foods. The last thing you want is to spend more money on new clothes which you will probably be using for a few months. Here are a few tips that will help you save cash.

1. Reach Out to Clothes Rentals

Instead of getting new clothes, you could use clothes rental services to source stylish postpartum friendly garments that will serve you a couple of weeks or months.

2. Visit a Tailor

There is that elegant blouse that you used to wear during your first trimester. You do not have to ditch it; you can always take it to the tailor to work on it so that it can fit. That way, you will be able to make use of the beautiful pieces lying idle in your house instead of buying new ones.

3. There are Still Some Wearable Maternity Clothes

Did you know that the flowy dresses will always look great even if you do not have a bump? Now you know! Do some audits and find maternity clothes that you can still keep.

Being a busy and stylish mom is easy. As you may have noticed, working with versatile pieces is one of the most instrumental time-saving fashion tips. Buy in neutrals as they are straightforward to accessorize. Simplicity is also something you will need to embrace if you want to be able to save time and money, and at the same time, look fashionable.

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