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Take These COVID-19 Precautionary Measures On Your Next Trip to Dollywood

The recent COVID-19 pandemic has really disrupted the quality of life for many people. With compulsory vaccine shots and people understanding personal safety, the world is slowly returning to its regular course of life. Dollywood is one of America’s busiest and most popular theme parks. It is now returning to its normal routine and letting people have the time of their lives. If you plan to visit this incredible mountain-themed roller coaster park, keep the top-most coronavirus safety tips in mind.

We have the most essential items that you would need during the trip enlisted in this article.

Face Masks

You probably have heard it millions of times to wear a face mask covering your face until your nose. You can bring your very own pack of medically-approved disposable masks or purchase a few when leaving home and then buy more during the trip. There are reusable masks available in the market, but it has been proven that cloth-based masks are not as effective as the ones you find in a pharmacy. Most countries have specific guidelines on which type of mask to wear. On your visit to Dollywood, you will be required to wear a mask whenever you go out – except when eating food.

Zip-Lock Bags

Throwing your used fabric masks with your used clothes in the same suitcase can be dangerous. Who knows what you touched and when. The better idea is to keep everything separate. Keep a few extra zip lock bags in when packing to store masks. You can take 2 bags – one labeled as used masks and the other one as new masks. This is a terrific way to keep your reusable masks before cleaning them.

Disinfectant Wipes

After a day of taking rides and exploring Dollywood, your phone, bag, and other valuables may have touched some infected spots. It is good to keep disinfectant wipes and clean your things before bringing them into the room. If you have kids, make sure to disinfect their backpacks and gadgets properly. Once you are done disinfecting your items, it is recommended to properly wash your hands. Keep high-quality antibacterial disinfectant wipes, swabs, and sprays in your bag. Other than cleaning your belongings, these wipes are a great way to decontaminate other surfaces like ride handles, doorknobs, and seat handle. Nevertheless, you need to understand that disinfecting a surface doesn’t mean you are safe from the risk of viruses.

Hand Sanitizer

The past year has made the hand sanitizer industry a million-dollar enterprise. We all have one, no matter what. Add a few bottles of hand sanitizer to your precautionary list for COVID-19 to use on the road. Although they will provide you with a dollop of hand sanitizer every time, you enter or exit a ride, keeping one at your convenience is a great way to ensure that the product you are using is high quality. Wash your hands before entering the park and sanitize your hands throughout the journey. Even though they will offer you some, it is always a great idea to keep your spare for top-ups and to make sure that kids – who have a habit of touching everything – are safe.

The effectiveness of a hand sanitizer or an antibacterial disinfectant depends upon the alcohol content. While there are milder options available featuring 60% alcohol content, we recommend you go for a sanitizer with 80 to 90% alcohol content. This one may be a bit harsh on the skin, but it does guarantee the maximum removal of germs. The WHO recommended formulas available in the market feature 70% to 80% alcohol content. However, it is worth noting that these formulas may be a bit too strong for people with sensitive skin.

Hand Cream or Moisturizer

Washing your hands with alcohol-based formulas and disinfectants may protect you from germs. Still, your skin can suffer to a considerable extent because of this. Hands can become really dry with such products. Some people even experience their skin coming off. Adding a nourishing product like a hand cream on your COVID-19 travel checklist can really help you maintain the integrity of your skin.

Look for products that are high in ingredients like shea butter, petroleum, dimethicone, or lanolin. Apply your hand cream every day in the morning and before going to bed to prevent your skin from scaling like snakes. Vaseline, Victoria’s Secret, The Body Shop all have high moisturizing properties that prevent your skin from cracks and dryness while leaving a nice aroma.

Disposable Gloves

You may have seen the management of different stores and parks wearing disposable gloves when handling customers. This is to prevent your skin from getting in contact with an infected surface. Keeping a few pairs of disposable gloves is a nice idea. It helps eliminate the chances of getting in contact with a potentially hazardous surface – especially when you are trying not to touch any in the first place. Most people planning to stay at Smoky Mountain cabins prefer to wear gloves until the room is thoroughly disinfected and cleaned. Just make sure not to touch your face while wearing gloves that have been in contact with so many surfaces.

Vitamin D Supplements

Vitamin D shots have been in discussion among health professionals around the world. Most doctors recommend getting two shots of vitamin D to lower your chances of contracting COVID-19. Although this theory has not been proven 100% yet, what harm could add vitamins do to your routine?

You can take a shot of Vitamin D before leaving for vacation. Instead of an injection, drink the formula with milk or any suitable fluid. If the trip is for a week, you can keep a shot with you and take the other formula after one week. Since this is a non-proven theory, we recommend that your body needs all kinds of minerals and vitamins instead of just vitamin D for a healthy immune system. Keep multivitamin tablets for daily use as well. If you do not have a regular multivitamin that you take, then you may want to check out where you can buy multivitamin drops for adults so you find something well worth it.

Disposable Cutlery

When you are distancing yourself, why not separate the utensils you eat in? Most eateries at Dollywood have high-quality precautions when it comes to cleanliness and hygiene, but still, it is a good option to keep your personal cutlery with you. There are plenty of reusable products in the market that can become your cutlery best friend during the trip because of their size and convenience to pack. You can also avoid the restaurant crockery and cutlery by getting a takeaway and eating in your room. Just make sure to throw away the used products and take out a fresh set for each meal. Keep your very own water bottle to save money and have a refreshing but hygienic drink throughout the day.


After vaccination, life is slowly starting to get back to normal. People have once again started to travel to their favorite destinations. When traveling, make sure to prepare a safety bag for yourself and the entire family to prevent yourself from the risk of catching the virus. There are plenty of safety precautions to keep in mind. Just make sure to keep disinfectants, masks, and sanitizer with you throughout your trip. Also, avoid touching any unfamiliar surfaces. Sanitizing your hands after every 30 minutes or so is a great way to reduce the risk of catching COVID.


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