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Home Improvements: Alexandria’s Outdoor Constructions

Improving your home from the outside in Alexandria, Virginia, USA has never been easier to accomplish when you can choose a company online, obtain a quotation, and then proceed to plans that ultimately lead to its construction. The whole process can be taken care of for you. It is not just about having your house look nice but having something well-constructed. Whether it is a new roof, a roof repair, or an extra or remodelled room such as a kitchen or bathroom to extend the functionality of your home.

Here, we will explore how you can change your roof for the better in Alexandria. For further details visit

Better Roof

To improve your existing roof, there are many considerations you could make. One, you could have it thoroughly inspected for loose tiles and tell-tale signs of problems. Two, you could think about a replacement roof that better serves your environment and situation. Three, you could be looking to have a roof that everyone will admire and that has curb appeal. In the case of a new roof, why not go for a roof that satisfies both your environment and your aesthetic tastes?

So, think about the design of your roof in terms of materials and style, balancing the weather conditions you experience and how nice you want it to look to yourself and others in your decision.

Materials to Consider

So, what is the best material for a roof? Well, all materials used in roofing will provide protection. It is just a case of how long. For instance, if you decide to opt for a New metal roof, it might potentially last for a longer period provided you take care of it in the appropriate manner. Not surprisingly, the materials that last longer can cost more. So, it becomes a matter of budgeting for the future as much as wanting a material that pleases the eye.

For a material that everyone will admire, and that will last the longest amount of time, a natural slate tile has to be high up on your list. For those into geology, the natural slate that is used on roofs was formed 400 million to 550 million years ago. It is a fine-grained microcrystalline metamorphic rock. Metamorphic means that the rock has been transformed by heat or pressure as part of a natural process. Slate has been used for thousands of years and is known for its durability. Apart from withstanding the elements well, slate tiles look attractive and are eco-friendly. All these benefits of using slate will ultimately put value onto your house for the future, should you come to sell it.

Other durable roofing materials include concrete and clay. Concrete tiles are considered easy to fabricate and cost-effective for the customer in terms of a lengthy lifespan. They are also eco-friendly and come in a range of colours and styles. Clay boasts durability, as well as a similar lifespan and is lower than many other materials in terms of its installation and maintenance costs. For a cheaper roofing alternative, there are asphalt shingles that offer durability, if not the same longevity as the other materials mentioned.

Comparing the cost between slate and other types of materials, slate is ten times more costly than the cheapest roofing material of asphalt shingles. For this, though, you have the advantages mentioned and it will fit in well with Tudor, Gothic, and other historic themes that you might be trying to create.

Shapes to Consider

In high winds, which come to us all, you will be glad of a hip roof. This type of roof has four slopes that are pitched at angles of approximately 30 degrees. The thinking is that the more slopes you have, the better your roof will handle high winds. So, any roof with more than two slopes will be resistant to wind damage.

Slopes on roofs are appealing too, whereas flat roofs are good for storage and sunbathing. Environmentalists have a practical use for flat roofs in that they will create green roofs where plants grow. This is a good way of doing your bit for the environment. Plants, after all, produce the oxygen that keeps our planet breathing.

To summarise, all roofs serve a purpose but some can be considered better than others when it comes to longevity and aesthetic appeal. Your climate might dictate your choice as much as your budget. Slate is the material many would go for with a free choice and no constraints, but there are more affordable alternatives to consider. The shape of your roof is important too where high winds are experienced. Northern Virginia is a particularly windy part of America.

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