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Finding those gifts that are eco-friendly and that the environmentalist can enjoy

Today many people are looking to reduce their impact on the environment. Maybe giving gifts to those interested in looking after the environment is a contradiction in terms? Maybe not giving gifts is the better option? But maybe it is possible to find gifts that are environmentally friendly and will make the environmentalist happy too.

Choosing a gift for environmentalists can be a struggle, like juggling PlayCroco no deposit bonus codes. Environmentalists may say they don’t want anything or are very particular about what you plan to give them because of the impact of that gift on the environment.

Nevertheless, it may be worth the struggle. If nothing else they will probably appreciate the thought. Perhaps one of the items listed below may feel like the perfect gift, if not, then giving nothing at all may be the right choice. Some environmentalists are also minimalists and truly don’t want more ‘stuff’. A gift is not really about you but about them. But if you still want to find that perfect gift, read on.

Edible gifts

Things that get used up quickly are perfect gifts for the environmentalist. Things like chocolates and jams, that will not go to waste or sit around on a shelf for ages. Consumable presents, sweet or savory are a good bet and may be the one gift they will be happy to enjoy.

Choosing a gift that they really need

If you know that your environmentally friendly friend needs something in particular, for instance, socks, then it would be good to get them socks. They will undoubtedly appreciate the gift. The truth is, most gifts we receive are things that we really don’t need and, therefore, for those people who are trying to be more eco-friendly, this added consumption, just for the sake of giving a gift, is problematic.

Sustainable underwear

Socks are not the only underwear item on the market. There are a variety of sustainable underwear that you can buy as gifts. Brand names like Organic basics, known for their sustainable practices, and Conscious Step which markets socks, each sock in support of a different cause! You could also try finding items at your local stores if these brand names are a little out of your budget. Buying locally means being sustainable in terms of the cost of transport so your gift is more sustainable.


A great and unusual gift. You can purchase one at Treedom. You can pick the tree you want and the person you are gifting it to will get updates on its progress.

Environments will love this. It’s a way of helping the local community at the same time as helping the environment.

Adoption of symbolic species

Similar to the buying of a tree, you can adopt a species for your friend as a gift. You can do this through WWF’s site, It is a good way to help and support this groups’ efforts in protecting wild life.

Gifting your time

Maybe offer your time and services instead of a material gift. If you know that they have specific needs. Perhaps offering to babysit a number of times without pay or if you are a good cook, perhaps offer to prepare a few meals. The trick is to think about the things you are good at and the things that they might need. Giving your time is a super gift and one that will be really appreciated.

Buy a Pela Case

Pela Case produce several types of compostable cases, some are for phones and airpods. These make excellent gifts for your environmentalist friend.

Handmade ceramic items

Each handmade ceramic piece is unique. You can find a beautiful mug, or bowl, made by hand with beautiful shapes and colors. There are many local ceramicists making handmade items and buying gift also supports local craftspeople.

Second hand books

Recycling books may not seem like a great gift. However, if your environmentalist friend loves reading, the chances are they buy many of their books from the secondhand store. New books are expensive and buying secondhand books means you can buy more than one. Find out what they like, and perhaps find a series or a book set which they will rally love. This is a really thoughtful gift.

E books

If second hand books don’t quite fit the bill, you could look at Ebooks or perhaps even buy them a Kindle subscription.

Buy sustainable clothing brands

If you know they need clothing items you can choose to purchase from brands that are known for their sustainability. Below are a few suggestions:

  • Kalium
  • Vintage for a Cause
  • Zouri
  • Panahera
  • OliveAndAshShop
  • Myssy

Upcycled bags and Thermos Flasks

Grunbag markets bags that are completely made from fabric waste. All their bags are made from sails and seatbelts. For environmentalists this could be the perfect gift, something new made entirely from something old. If you are interested in other styles of upcycled bags that are available, you can find them by searching on Etsy. People who are environmentally conscious tend to carry their own water bottles. So, if you’re a brand focused on living an eco-friendly life, you could gift your employer a flask that has been customized with Custom Thermal Flask Printing, which will make it unique from all the other flasks while also being environmentally friendly.

Yoga mat

Manduka has the most beautiful yoga mats. Their goal is to be eco-friendly, from the materials they use to being more energy efficient but their products are made to be long lasting. They also have other items related to yoga so you could choose something else if a yoga mat isn’t what your friend needs. Nowadays, many online shops are known to sell good-quality yoga mats. For instance, a brand called yogatribe is also known to sell eco-friendly yoga mats at an affordable rate. Like Manduka, they also have other yoga essentials that are known to have good customer feedback.

Reusable freezer bags

Sounds like an odd gift, but reusable freezer bags are not cheap and are extremely useful. One particular brand, Stasher bags, are really good and very beautiful. However, they are expensive so gifting them to your environmentalist friend is a very nice present.

Gifts that are non-material

Giving non material gifts to those trying to be more eco-friendly are perfect. They can enjoy something without having to deal with anything ‘material’ or physical. There is no manufacturing involved or associated with the gift. For example, you can pay them money so that they can use it to play online games in one of the top paying casinos in their town. If they win, it might be considered a worthy gift as they can use that cash to buy anything for themselves.

Similarly, you can also gift a ticket to a show or a concert that they can enjoy together with other people. Such events could add some of the most amazing moments in their life that they can cherish for a long time.

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