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How to Save Up as a Student: 12 Options

On the one hand, student years are a golden time. You meet new people, studying is interesting, and traveling is exciting. On the other hand, the problem of lack of money in this period can be hard to deal with. Moments of absolute happiness can be replaced with gray, hungry periods. Surely, finding some part-time/freelance job would be a solution. However, you will probably need to sacrifice your studying time for that. In that case, be sure to address professional writing services like Domyhomework where experts will assist you with writing assignments.

Nevertheless, either you decide to work or not, you might need these saving ideas we prepared for you.

  1. Goal

You must understand the purpose for which you are going to save money. Saving and frugality are two complementary factors, so feel free to save. Remember that saving is not about being greedy!

  1. No more overspending!

Remember, no matter how hard it is for you financially, it is better to live within your budget and not spend more than you can actually afford.

  1. Say no to credit cards!

The best way to get the purchase you want is to save up for it. It is okay that you cannot afford the purchase now, wait until it becomes possible. Avoid credits and loans

  1. Discounts are student’s friends!

Take advantage of discounts. Get yourself a student card (ISIC card) that would allow you to get discounts in various galleries, museums, public transport, etc.

  1. Use public transport

No one can forbid the desire to have a cool car, but if you are short of money, it is better to use public transportation. This way you can save on fuel and car repairs. However, if you live out in the country with not many public transport links, then you may want to think about getting a used car and buying spare parts to help fix it up like a new steering wheel or car suspension so you can do it a lot more cheaply.

  1. Buy wholesale

Clever Internet users have adopted the law of commerce “cheaper in bulk”. All you need is to cooperate with people to buy wholesale. You may have seen how restaurants and big businesses make use of a Food Distributor to provide them with the basic food items needed for their kitchen. The same could be done in your college hostel as well, mainly because, you may get all of the items for a lower price compared to when you go for purchasing these from a grocery store. Beside this, the most profitable option for you may be to buy food from local producers. You might also use this approach when buying clothes.

  1. Companion search services.

Students often study away from home, and few from other cities can afford to go to their parents every weekend. Even if they can, spending long hours in buses is not a pleasant experience. Car sharing could be of use here. Therefore, if you want to get home not by public transport, but by a good car, paying only for gasoline, you could look for companions on various car-sharing apps.

  1. Be Healthy

Keeping fit and, consequently, a healthy body will help to save significantly on medications during the cold period. Sport is beneficial for your health and lifestyle.

9. Cashback sites

When you purchase online, there is usually an opportunity to get some of your money back with the help of cashback services. Cashback has emerged as a way of tying a customer in by giving them extra “perks.” It works roughly like bonus points, which are awarded for a purchase – except instead of bonuses, you get real money. There are many cashback websites. It is better to compare them beforehand and find out which one gives the maximum cashback for a particular online store. Many banks also offer cashback for using their credit cards.

  1. Make a shopping list for a month

Such a simple way to save money is rejected by many, and it is a mistake. Following your list, you take the food you need in the quantities you need which means you will not have to run to the nearest store in the middle of the night for the oil you forgot to take from the supermarket and pay triple the price for it.

It is definitely true that it is not very convenient to go shopping with a notepad, but you can install income planners like Spendee.

  1. Apartment Exchange Services

If you are one of those students who are lucky enough to have your own apartment, or are staying in one of those student houses for rent, for that matter, the following solution would be ideal. You can travel to other cities during your vacations, make new friends in different cities, and abroad while saving on your living expenses. All you need to do is find someone who is willing to trade his or her apartment for your own. Websites like Couchsurfing will help (some of the resources are free; some require paying for access to the database). Here it is important to remember that the exchange will not necessarily be equal: still, the main goal – to match the desired vacation destination and time.

  1. Chinese online stores

It is simply a sin not to master online shopping – especially if you like to dress fashionably, and your funds are limited. You should check Aliexpress. There you can find nice clothes and cute things for your home and interior, which you could use as gifts for birthdays and the New Year.

These ideas above could definitely help you save up during your student years. Spend your money wisely and avoid impulsive purchases.

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