In this modern era, there is enough information about proper hygiene habits. Now we can get more information as compared to previous generations about how to care for our bodies properly. Science is advancing and discoveries are being made in every field, still there is an area that is less talked about. That area is intimate hygiene and maintaining genital health. It is important to maintain it for fulfilling sexual activities and for overall good health.

So, what are the do’s and don’ts of proper intimate hygiene? Let us get started with it!

Don’t overlook your genitals – This is often the most overlooked health aspect. How would you feel if you don’t find your partner’s body parts clean while getting physical? Not good, right? So, ensure that you have properly cleaned and maintained your body.

Moreover, there is a proper way to wash your intimate parts while bathing or after using the washroom so that you don’t develop smegma or any fungal infection. Do you know what is smegma? It is a thick white substance that accumulates under the foreskin of the penis. It is common in men, but women can get it too in their vaginal area. Smegma can make that area smell bad, and bacteria can grow on it over time. The condition is less common in circumcised males, which could be one of the many reasons why many get circumcision procedures at clinics like Gentle Procedures Clinic Queensland.

Keeping up with these things is a good courtesy towards your sexual partner too. Hence, do not overlook it.

Pubic hair is not bad – Some people believe that trimming pubic hair is necessary for grooming. Most women believe in getting their hair trimmed down there as compared to men. This is a matter of personal choices, but let us tell you that pubic hair is there for a reason. It serves a purpose – acting like a protective buffer that reduces friction and adds comfort while having intercourse.

The underwear rules: To avoid the bad odor and infections in the private parts, change your underwear daily. If you engage in sweaty activities during the day, you can also change it twice. The best fabric for it is cotton. It is the most absorbent material and promotes breathability down there. If you commonly suffer from skin infections, you can also opt for organic cotton or other organic material.

If you are into athletic activities, experts recommend wearing something moisture-wicking.

Get tested for STDs: Going for a regular check-up is essential to ensure that you haven’t accidentally contracted any disease. It also ensures that you have not become prone to sexually transmitted diseases from your past intimate experiences. If somehow you tested positive for any STD like HIV, get medical help as soon as possible. Because STDs are more common than you can imagine. For instance, in 2019, the Oregon Health Authority reported over 1,887 cases of chlamydia, 96 cases of syphilis, and 547 cases of gonorrhea. You can never know what unfortunate disease you have contracted. So it is best to get tested as soon as possible. You can do this nowadays from the comfort of your own home by sending off for an STD Testing KIT using websites like so you can be on top of your sexual health.

Loose clothes – Always wear loose clothes so that you can breathe easily. Wearing tight clothes causes restriction and overheating. It might lead to infection also. During sports activities, wear supportive clothes and wash yourself after sports activities. This will help remove all the sweat and odor causing bacteria.

Don’t get intimate if you are ill – When you suffer from any physical illness, you are more vulnerable to STDs. Having said this, you could have wounds in your mouth. These wounds give an easy way for the viruses to enter the bloodstream while engaging in physical activity. So, it is better to postpone any intimate activity if you are ill. Your attention should be on your health first. However, if you can’t sleep alone and have the urge to get intimate, try investing in one of those realistic sex dolls. Nevertheless, make sure that the dolls are well-kept.

Urinate after getting close: Women are at a high risk of getting UTIs (Urinary Tract infections). This is due to the fact that the female urethra is short, and urinating after getting physical is a vital activity to prevent UTIs. After love-making, your urethra is more prone to vaginal bacteria. Urinating after intimate activity pushes these bacteria out before causing any infection to you.

Note: Do not pee before the sexual activity. This can increase the chances of getting a UTI. This is advised because before it, no vaginal bacteria is there in the wrong place, and therefore there is nothing to be pushed out. However, if you do it, you would not be having enough urine in your bladder to push out the bacteria that usually gets collected during intimate activities.

To sum it all up

Love-making is an activity filled with fun and pleasure. Hence, make the most out of it by keeping yourself healthy, especially your private parts. Additionally, do not forget aftercare. This increases the feelings of intimacy. Communicating with each other that what felt best while having it naturally boosts your connection with your partner.

At last, do not overlook your sexual health.

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