This Father’s Day don’t overthink finding the perfect gift for those special Dad’s in your life. The writers of MamatheFox have done the thinking for you. Whether you are looking for something utilitarian or sentimental, we have you covered! In any case, you can always consider a personalized gift for him as well, especially if you’re searching for the perfect gift. There are a variety of options available, that would go perfectly with the gifts listed below. So whether you’re looking for a small gift or something memorable like Bhoma mens designer jewelry, you won’t have to look very far.

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JJ Suspenders

Do you have a guy who rocks suspenders? Or do you want to see your handsome guy try them out? JJ Suspenders are the brand to go with. Most suspenders you will find are lame, generic and often cost too much. Owners, Jackson & Josh’s (JJ’s), knew we needed a better product for men who wanted to add that extra bit of class to their outfits. They offer formal, classic and skinny as well as a leather option. They give you a timeless and classic look. Designed for heights between 5’2 and 6’2. If they don’t fit perfectly-return them within 30 days for a full refund. Each pair includes interchangeable clip and button attachments (with sewing kit) so you can wear them with any pants. Check out all the options with the link below.

Click here to see JJ Suspenders

Story Time Chess

Have you seen the new hit show The Queen’s Gambit? Chess is back and in a big way. This classic game has maintained being a leader in games through time. This is because not only is it fun, but it involves critical thinking and making decision that have a cause and effect. This Father’s Day, gift the dad in your like a Story Time Chess. Father’s love spending time with their children, and by playing this game together you can build a bond in a fun and exciting way. Story Time Chess is a board game that teaches chess to young children using silly stories, vibrant illustrations, custom chess pieces, and a unique chess board. The stories and supporting materials communicate the rules of chess to children ages 3 and up in a way that makes learning chess simple and fun. Best of all, no chess experience is required for parents or children to learn. So even if dad never learned how to play, he will be able to learn right along with his children. To learn more about this unique gift click the link below.

Click here to see Story Time Chess

Nixplay Smart Digital Picture Frame

In a world of technology I love when we find tools to make life not only better but happier. Gift the dad in your life a Nixplay Smart Digital Picture Frame – he will be filled with joy and appreciation. This digital frame allows you to email photos to it which it will then display on the screen. This is perfect for out of town grandparents who want to see all the photos you capture on your cell. Many don’t use Facebook or other social apps so they don’t get to see the photos you share there. This frame allows then to see all the images you want them to see. It is easy to use and has simple features to allow for a stress-free usage. Nixplay auto adjusts to portrait or landscape placement. It uses motion sensor turns the frame on/off automatically. The Nixplay App for iOS and Android gives you full control over your frame. Connect to Google Photos to ensure your frame is always up to date. As a bonus, this particular Nixplay can also use Dropbox, Facebook and Instagram also supported from the Nixplay website.

Click here to see the Nixplay Smart Digital Picture Frame

French Blue Wines

Are you looking for a fresh wine that’s perfect for outside relaxation? French Blue wines will be the perfect fit. Owner Stephanie Rivin set out to do something new: put an American twist on French rosé. This intriguing blend has the fresh-cut flavor of watermelon, strawberry, and cherry. It’s dry and drinkable, with a crisp, refreshing finish. French Blue 2020 Bordeaux Rosé is quite simply the belle of the ball. Made from red wine grapes selected and expressly harvested for being made as a rosé wine with a gentle pressing to gain a light hue of pink, with the utmost care taken to preserve the delicate flavors and aromas. With a beautiful robe the color of a pale pink peony, the wine glistens in the glass. The beautiful floral bouquet is reminiscent of lilacs and summer berries, while the palate bursts with bright citrus and luscious strawberry notes. They are also currently offering a Sauvignon Blanc. Click the link below to check out and order a few bottles of this amazing wine.

Click here to see French Blue Wines

Tony Ray Tattoos

Is the papa on your Fathers Day shopping list a man who loves ink? With Tony Ray Tattoos you can allow your kids to wear temporary tattoos with the style and quality of your personal permanent ink. Each of the tattoo sets has a theme, giving you a variety of options and the perfect ones to fit your families vibe. From construction trucks, retro dino’s, mermaids, street art and so many more. These tattoos are best for kids 3+. They are 100% vegan and free of any animal by-product. They typically last about 2 to 3 days, but depending on your kids activity they could last up to 2 weeks.

Click here to see Tony Ray Tattoos

Well-Bean Coffee

If there is a papa who loves this morning cup of joe, then look no further. Many guys prefer a more distinguished bean, not your average grocery store brands. A brand with a mission, a purpose. Well-Bean Coffee was started to support health, wellness, and spiritual initiatives in northwest Nicaragua. Your purchase of Well-Bean Coffee helps to support the physical, spiritual, and emotional well-being of the local people. As well as a better quality of life for the farmers and their workers. The works make far more money by working with Well-Bean, which fulfills one of the many goals of this stellar brand. Click the link to see all the coffee’s they have to offer.

Click here to see Well-Bean


Cheers to dad with the best glass of wine! WINEWISK™ is the portable wine aerator that cuts the time of having to wait for your favorite wines to reach its full potential. All you have to do is swirl your wine, make bubbles, and release the full aromas and flavors of your favorite reds and whites. It is a fast, easy and fun way to elevate your wine drinking experience. They make perfect glass markers, so no one gets with glasses mixed up.

Click here to see WineWisk

Dreamegg HEPA Air Filter

Do you have a dad who works from home? This change in environment may be a permeant in your work life. If this sounds like you, then you know the importance of creating a clean and welcoming home office. A sure way to improve attitude and productivity is having fresh, clean air. It’s a small but powerful air purifier that can remove 99.97% of airborne particles, and unpleasant odors with its 4-stage high-quality filter, to make sure you always inhale fresh air. What makes it unique to others on the market, it’s the one-touch pet mode that is customized for families that have pets. The activated carbon filter can eliminate odors high-effectively to let you have a better and happier companion. And with more thoughtful features including warm night light and sleep mode, it can run quietly at night – the lowest operation noise level is 23 dB which can barely be noticed. It’s a good addition to light sleepers. Overall, during this special time when people spend more time at home, the Dreamegg HEPA air purifier can improve your indoor air quality and help you enjoy a healthier happy life!

Click here to see the Dreamegg HEPA Air Filter


These handcrafted, leather goods are such unique gifts and goods. Made in Chandler Arizona, the wallets, cases, and bags that they design are top of the line and very high quality. Not only do their products make the high quality standard, but they are affordable too. The goal Andar has in creating their products is to minimize and organize what is being carried. Sleek, slim, and durable, the leather products are a great option for Father’s Day.

Click here to see Andar Wallets


These socks are just the perfect addition to any guys wardrobe. Dads deserve a new pair of socks at any holiday, and Father’s Day is no different. Not only will these cheer dad up, but they are practical, which is the best. Socks can be a fun gift too! The Lavley brand offers witty socks for all different occasions and themes. Socks for lovers of soccer, hunting, grilling, tacos, sushi, nursing, sloths, yoga, and more!

Click here to see Lavley

Snow Days

Do you have a sports loving dad? Well, if he’s an active dad and wants to actually learn the sport he watches, like baseball for example, then a men’s baseball swing trainer could be the perfect gift for him to flex his batting muscles. But, is he more of a guy who just loves to have his buddies over to watch the latest football or baseball game? Then your guy is going to want to offer his guests (and themselves) Snow Day. This new treat is perfect for snacking and is a real crowd pleaser. Snow Days are pizza bites re-imagined to be even tastier without all of the icky ingredients. Snow Days are all loaded with organic vegetables, grass-fed mozzarella and olive oil. These bites are to be enjoyed freely by adults and maybe… shared with the kids. Its a great way to have a fun, classic snack but with your health and body in mind. 100% organic and 100% amazing. Click the link below to read more about Snow Days.

Click here to see Snow Days


The nomadiQ portable propane gas grill is the perfect gift for dads on Father’s Day. Summer is just around the corner, so that means cookouts, potlucks, and lots of grilling. This portable grill is so great because it can be taken anywhere. Camping, tailgating, beaches, parks, and more, this grill is super moveable. It is ultra lightweight, so it truly is easy to move. The grill is very functional but also very sleek and stylish. Dads on the go, dads who like function, dads who like style, this grill is such a great Father’s Day gift.

Click here to see nomadiQ


Created by naturally accredited natural health experts, the Nuzest products are the purest and most potent source of nutrition. The plant based ingredients allow the products to give a great balance of essential vitamins and nutrients. The Clean Lean Protein powder offers repair, recovery, and muscle growth. This powder is plant based pea protein that is free from lots of allergens such as gluten, soy, dairy, and lectin. It is also non gmo and vegan, perfect for anyone who is sensitive or has allergies or intolerances. This Clean Lean Protein powder is great for any dad; its super versatile and yummy too.

Click here to see Nuzest


This company, Mixbook Photo Co. offers so many photo gifts, the opportunities are loots endless. Personalized gifts are always the best gifts to give, especially on Father’s Day. This is such a great time to remember memories and have something physical to do so. Calendars, cards, photo books, and prints of all different kinds are available on the website. There are lots of sales that Mixbook offers, so there’s room for saving money almost all the time. The editor allows full creative freedom and offers full customization to the design. Dad’s will love anything from Mixbook, personalization is best!

Click here to see Mixbook


Most people these days are taking lots of vitamins and supplements everyday. That why this weekly pill organizer is a great, practical gift option for Father’s Day. The container is made of high quality food-grade material and is double protected to ensure that the pills are safe and secure. A design that is different than many other pill organizers, this one has compact pill containers that all fit into a bigger organizer. It is portable enough to bring along when outside of the house, but not too bulky. There is an individual organizer for each day of the week that is split in half with room for morning and evening pill organization. Each of the prints have been tested and have passed the 3M Adhesives and Tapes test, this means that there’s is no risk of them rubbing off from usage. This organizer is really a great gift, and is perfect for a dad who loves practicality.

Click here to see Auvon

Better Body Foods

This brand believes that what we eat is very important and that life is better when we eat better. Better food leads to a better life, that’s what they believe; so that’s where the company started. Their products come from over 20 countries and provide happiness for millions of customers. What’s even cooler? They invest in a medical facility in the Dominican Republic all while sustaining environmentally-friendly business practices. Better Body Foods is an overarching company that has many smaller brands; some of these brands include PBfit and Oatsome. PBfit offers powdered products such as peanut butter and butter spreads like almond and peanut butter. Oatsome products dairy-free oat milk that tastes delicious. Not only do they have oat milk, but they also make an oat milk coffee creamer, all of which being organic. Better Body Foods also creates a flour and ancient grains blend that is such a oat blend that is gluten free. Father’s who love eating well and love good tasting food that is good for them, this is a great option!

Click here to see Better Body Foods

ZV Botanicals

Do you know a dad who uses CBD or one who is curious about the benefits of CBD? I suggest gifting him a CBD Tincture from ZV Botanicals. I prefer the Chill – which I take a bedtime to help with falling asleep. MamatheFox loves this CBD product because it assists with falling and staying asleep, but I am not groggy if I need to wake up and take care of my kids. No dad wants to be loopy when a small child needs their help in the middle of the night. This product should be used as follows: First, shake well. Then, place – dropper under the tongue and hold for 45 seconds, 1-4 times daily, or as needed. In addition to the full spectrum CBD, this product contains EV Olive Oil, Strain Specific Hemp Extract, Neem, Fennel, Lime, Tulsi Essential Oils. Check out this product and the other CBD products ZV Botanicals has to offer in the link below.

Click here to see ZV Botanicals

Card Games from Regal Games

Gift the dad in your life some fun and exciting card games from Regal Games. We suggest Scorzo, The Goodge Rules, and Spoons and a Spork! Scorzo takes the game of rummy and turns it on its head! This fun and easy game brings a new strategy with every round.

The Goodge Rules combines a classic game with a new twist! The Goodge Rules is an entertaining, electrifying game with a different spin on a century-old family tradition, Spades. You know what they say, when in Pawpaw Goodge’s house, you play by Pawpaw Goodge’s rules. Check out this new bidding game of strategy, wit, and luck.

Anyone up for a fun game to test your reflexes? Spoons and a Spork is the game for you! Check out this action-packed game of Spoons with a “sharp” twist! This game is a fun, easy to learn game, great for friends, family, or anyone looking for a fun competition of reflexes!

Click here to purchase games from Regal Games

The Cheese Guy

Does your guy love cheese? Does a charcuterie board get him excited? The Cheese Guy will be your new go to when stocking up cheese drawer. What makes this brand special is that they are an all natural brand that is kosher, vegetarian and they process small-batch artisanal cheeses​. With no added hormones, animal rennet, lipase or any animal derived enzymes -EVER. Always pasture-raised or grass-fed from small family farms. Raw milk, goat or sheep’s milk and organic varieties available. From the classics like parmesan and brie to artisan Italian and Spanish cheese you will be able to find the right selection for your fridge.

Click here to purchase The Cheese Guy Cheeses


Do you have a dad who has been looking for ways to increase his health and wellbeing? You should consider gifting him the daily probiotics from SHINYALab. SHINYALab utilizes the ancient practice of generating enzymes and beneficial bacteria through fermentation. Their wholistic health formulas provides us with a daily probiotics, prebiotics & digestive enzyme supplements that aid in gut health. Learn more about SHINYALab with the link below.

Click here to see SHINYALab’s Probiotics


This a the tool you cannot live without. It’s simple and sleek design allows you to simply add the tool to your keychain. Geekey is an innovative, compact multi-tool like nothing seen before…it’s truly a work of art with engineering that combines everyday common tools into one sleek little punch that delivers endless capability. Geekey features many common tools that have been used for decades and proven essential for everyday fixes . . . There are SO many uses. Here are some: protractor, wire stripper, bit driver, metric ruler, bottle opener, file and so much more. Click the link below to see all the amazing function of the Geekey.

Click here to see the Geekey

Avoalre Arc-Chill Cooling Blanket

With the warm summer coming up we often times find it hard to sleep. You may feel too warm, but you need a blanket to get yourself to rest and fall asleep. To solve this issue we suggest you try the Avoalre arc-chill cooling blanket. Their bamboo blanket adopts advanced natural bamboo fiber(Q-MAX>0.3, general<0.2)that can quick absorb body heat to drop about 2-3 degree to make you feel cold when you touch this summer blanket. The hollowing process and tubular porous structure of the bamboo fiber itself make the blanket good moisture absorption, release function and air permeability. The bamboo makes this blanket super soft and the perfect lightweight feel. It is machine washable (be sure it air dry, do not put in the dryer) and comes in blue, beig, white or gray. Click the link below to see all this blanket has to offer.

Click here to see Avoalre Arc-Chill Cooling Blanket

BLQK Coffee

BLQK Coffee is a brand that prides itself on serving caffeine with a cause. They have committed to pouring 25 percent of their profits into the support of social justice initiatives, youth and education in the black community. Coffee lovers are raving about their artisanal roasted coffee representing flavors out of Africa. They feature 2 beans: Single Origin and All African. Single Origin has notes of berries, citrus and floral. While the All African has notes of caramel, citrus and cocoa. Click the link below to see more about this stellar brand and how to subscribe and save.

Click here to see BLQK Coffee

AYO Foods

AYO Foods is a dad owned brand. They bring authentic West-African cuisine to U.S. Grocers to Spice Up Frozen Foods Category. The authentic and delicious line of West-African inspired cuisine will be taking over the frozen meals section. Founders Perteet and Fred Spencer have developed the brand from their family’s own recipes that have been shared across generations. The three products you are look for are: Cassava Leaf Stew, Jollof Rice and Egusi Soup. Cassava Leaf Stew is Ground cassava leaves, chicken, and spices slow cooked into a savory stew. Jollof Rice is a one pot rice spiced and stewed in a flavorful tomato broth with roasted red peppers and onions. Egusi Soup
Ground melon seeds, fresh peppers and onions, and spinach slow cooked into a savory stew. You can find it in 50 Whole Food locations.

Click here to see AYO Foods

The Healing Rose

Is the dad in your life stressed? Are you looking for a way to help him unwind and just take the edge off at the end of the workday? I suggest gifting his the Ultimate Father’s Day CBD Gift Bundle. This includes a Lemon Ginger 4X Salve, a Broad Spectrum Silver CBD Oil, Spearmint Lip Balm, Relax & Restore Roll On Oil. This collect allows him to try several forms of CBD and see what product she enjoys and gets the most benefit from.
Being Cruelty free, paraben free, GMO Free, & Gluten Free you know you can trust the products from The Healing Rose. Click her link below to see all their products.

Click here to see The Healing Rose


This family owned and operated bakery that is Flax4Life offers the best tasting, nutritious gluten-free products on the market. For over 19 years the company has been developing gluten-free products and over the years creating new and exciting varieties of those products. All of their products are gluten-free and made with all natural ingredients. Even the facility is gluten, dairy, and nut free. Flax4Life is committed to providing the highest product they can. Their products include: granola, muffins, cake, and brownies. Many of their products are high in fiber and omega 3’s. These healthy protein snacks are such a great little gift for the dad’s you love.

Click here to see Flax4Life

Wild Yeast

Having your own sourdough starter is all the rage these days, and for good reason! The health benefits of sourdough bread are huge, not to mention the incredibly rich flavor that it gives. This Wild Yeast book teaches readers to make their own sourdough starter and gives lots of yummy recipients for bread, tortillas, and lots of other baked goods. There are different chapters that outline different topics to learn such as maintaining your starter, feeding it, storing it, and of course using it to make some of the best tasting baked goods you’ve ever had. If you know of a dad who finds himself in the kitchen a lot, this would be a great book for him. The perfect way to explore and experiment in the kitchen and also slow down and go back to the simple way of baking.

Click here to see Wild Yeast


Eyelinez creates small stickers to fit over your webcam or tablet to help people stay centered, engaged and focused during video calls. Eyelinez makes these stickers for multiple occasions such as smiling, focusing, or even just themed for the holiday season. These stickers can even be customized. Eyelinez makes connecting with the camera natural because it’s another face, another pair of eyes. Communication over a video call can seem less formal at times. To overcome this and to truly engage with the people you are video calling you should have solid eye contact.

Click here to see Eyelinez

Rule the Realm

If you want to gift the dad in your life something fun you can do as a family? Then we suggestion surprising him with the game Rule the Realm. This family strategy game, Rule the Realm will leave you saying “I claim what is mine!” Using a special 3D game board, players are tasked with conquering territories to gain the most victory points to be the ultimate ruler. This is one game where you don’t want to let your guard down. Capture territories on the board, and earn one victory point for each treasure collected. Conquer territories by walling them off with colorful rubber bands on a special 3D game board. The player with the most victory points at the end is the winner!

Click here to see Rule the Realm

The Unofficial ALDI Cookbook

This great cookbook offers delicious recipes that are made with food from Aldi’s grocery store. Breakfast, lunch, dinner, and desserts are all found in the cookbook. These recipes will satisfy anyone and are so fantastic and very affordable. All the ingredients are listed out as well as the yield, prep time, and cook time. The step by step instructions are very simple and easy to follow; many of them being only four steps. The best part though? Almost every recipe is accompanied by a photo. For any Father in your life who likes to cook, this would be a great gift!

Click here to see The Unofficial ALDI Cookbook

The I Love Trader Joe’s Cookbook

If you know a Father who likes Trader Joe’s, this is the perfect gift for him. This cookbook is the ultimate gift for a Trader Joe’s lover. Packed full of 150 recipes using fan favorite ingredients from Trader Joe’s – a TJ’s lover dream. This is the 10th revised edition of this best selling cookbook and is full of updated ingredients and new recipes made with the yummy and affordable products from this fan loving grocery store. There are endless opportunities to have hearty meals and quick snacks with this cookbook. The cookbook is broken up well by category and most recipes are fairly easy to follow.

Click here to see The I Love Trader Joe’s Cookbook

Navy Floral Cheese Board


Does your guy love cheese and a killer charcuterie board? DEMDACO has a wide selection of cheese boards to choose from. Some are detailed with images while others have a fun saying on them. The handle allows for easy carrying and storing. Serve wine and cheese whenever the mood strikes or when hosting a wine tasting or special meal. Then let the pattern or saying reveal itself in full as the food is eaten. Cheese pairing ideas are written on the back of the board to inspire you. Everyone deserves less stress and more tasty snacks. Check out all the cheeses boards and other fun products DEMDACO has to offer with the link below.

Click here to see DEMDACO

LEGO with Dad

Warren Nash is a fun loving father who has made a successful series around fatherhood and activities for kids! Through YouTube, blogs, and now books Warren focuses on DIY, food, creativity, and educational games for the whole family. His passion for LEGO inspired the 6 chapter activity book LEGO with Dad. This vibrant, easy to follow, book guides families in utilizing their bricks to build creative and new projects. Each project includes detailed instructions as well as basic building techniques. It is a wonderful resources to get families together to make memories. Bring out your inner kid and start building!

Click here to see LEGO with Dad


With social media and technology today, every fur-baby parent is eager to post and share the perfect pet picture! Dogtography, written by National Geographic star and award-winning Kaylee Greer, guides you in capturing the heart and soul of your dog! Kaylee Greer has made a career of traveling the globe photographing 4 legged friends for pet brands and excited to share her best kept secrets! Kaylee covers camera settings, lens choice, post-processing techniques, and all her tips on working with unpredictable, but adorable, pooches. Dogtography is the perfect gift for that fur-baby dad or grandpa that is looking to document those special dog days!

Click here to see Dogtography

Mission Critical S.02 Adventure Infant Carrier

There are so many styles out there for infant carriers that it makes it hard to find the perfect fit for dads. With the S.02 Adventure Infant Carrier made by Mission Critical, any dad is ready to take their infant out into the world with style and safety. The carrier includes a sun shield, rip stop nylon, an adjustable width seat, and a hip belt for dad. This infant carrier is made to be strong so any parent doesn’t have to worry about their little one and is comfortable for both dad and baby. It also comes in four different colors: anthracite, adventure red, ocean blue, and titanium. There are also various attachments for the carrier like the S.02 Adventure Insulated Bottle Holder and the S.02 Adventure Phone/Wallet Pouch.

Click here to see S.02 Adventure Infant Carrier



Does your man like to get creative through painting? Even if he isn’t any artist, with Craft-Ease Paint by Numbers, he can become one. The kit includes the rolled or framed canvas, as well as the paints needed and a holder to keep them organized, four paintbrushes, brightener, wall hooks, and a reference sheet. The canvas uses linen fabric that is printed in color and has the numbers enlarged to make it easy to use. Another great aspect is that it features different artists from around the world. Any Paint by Numbers set supports the artist that made it. Craft-Ease Paint by Numbers is great for any dad that wants to unleash their inner artist. (Artist featured is Tracy Miller)

Click here to see Craft-Ease

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