As a soon-to-be-mama, I have rosy colored dreams of watching my little one snoozing away in the bassinet next to me! Taking in her little features as she smirks or grimaces in her sleep…wondering what her infant mind could possibly be dreaming about when she’s so new to the world.  But then I think about myself trying to actually fall asleep with her nearby and the dream bubble is popped! Suddenly, I realize the challenge that is to come in not staying up all night at the ready to tend to her needs.

The Owlet Smart Sock includes just that, a sock, that fits littles from 5 lbs. up to 30 lbs.  This soft, little sock, though so petite in size, is capable of so much!  First, it connects to your phone through bluetooth providing you with all of the data from your baby’s previous night of sleep.  What data? The Smart Sock not only measures oxygen and heart rate, but also measures sleep trends including total hours slept, number of wakings, sleep quality and more.

Personally, as a first time mama, I am particularly interested in the sleep trends feature of the Owlet.  As I am educating myself for the transition ahead to parenthood, baby sleep schedules and rhythms appears to be a hot topic among new parents with a lot of different schools of thought on how to approach baby sleep.  I appreciate the fact that Owlet will automatically log my little one’s sleep times so that I don’t have to…which means one more item off of my plate and a little more space freed up in my mind that is already running on limited storage (Thank you, pregnancy brain!).

From what I hear those nights can be a blur and I think it will be encouraging to wake up and use our nighttime data to help make decisions for our day.  For example, maybe I didn’t think we got a lot of sleep the night before, but then realize on the app it was more than I thought – what an encouragement!  Or on the opposite hand, maybe I wake up the next morning and realize we didn’t get much sleep at all the night before…well that calls for a jammies day and a cancelling of my to do list.  In the sleepy newborn haze, it will be so easy to lose track of time.  I think that the Owlet Smart Sock can help provide me with real data to assist me in navigating the drowsy 4th trimester.

Additionally, the kit includes a Base Station that provides a drop area to charge your Smart Sock quickly, which is especially convenient if you are taking it on the go or forget to charge it during the day and bedtime is getting close.  The Smart Sock battery lasts for 16 hours at full charge.  However, in just 20 minutes of charging you will get 8 hours of battery life, while a full charge is available after 90 minutes.  To charge, you simply place the sock on its resting place in the Base Station…no wires to fiddle with at all which means its easy to do one handed while enjoying those early morning cuddles.

Owlet has thoughtfully considered ease of use when designing their products.  From the convenience of data collected right to your phone to the efficient and petite equipment they provide that doesn’t feel bulky or overwhelming, their design is sleek and practical.  To read more about Owlet or shop their Smart Socks and accessories, check out their website or find them on Instagram.