Diaper bags have evolved so much in recent years – in use and in design.  Holding so much more than ‘just diapers’, these days the diaper bag is closer to a Mary Poppins bag of tricks, growing with each child that we add to our clan.  Hungry? Check the bag for snacks. Thirsty? We’ve got sippy cups! Skinned knee? Deep dive into the bag for some bandaids.

As the use of the diaper bag has expanded, so have the selections!  Now our minds and google ads can be flooded with diaper bag choices.  Backpack or tote.  Large for big trips or small for on-the-go.  Canvas, leather, cloth…and the list goes on! Thankfully, there is not one “right” bag for everyone and this current variety in the market allows for mama’s and papa’s to make their choices based on the features that best suit them and their family’s current baby gear carrying needs.

Sleepy Panda offers parents a variety of diaper bag options, without being overwhelming! In their line up of quality bags you will find vegan leather bags, premium canvas bags, mini backpacks, Timberwolf bags and accessories to choose from. I love that all of their bags have a timeless, neutral look to them, allowing the bag to easily transition into a carry on bag or every day use bag even after the littles are grown.

Featured here, we will be going in depth on the Kennedy Canvas Backpack.  First, let’s talk canvas! Full disclosure: I am a sucker for a good leather bag.  But this canvas has seriously impressed me!  It is a heavy duty fabric with wipe-ability for all of the messes that a little one can dish out.  I really appreciate knowing that if I get caught in a rainstorm that this bag will hold up and not soak all of its contents! Upon unzipping, I am greeted with a fun black and white striped lining that is again a quality and durable fabric that you can tell will hold up and not absorb the liquid from a spilled bottle or sippy cup.

The bag felt a bit heavier than expected at first, but once I tried it on I realized why.  The designers at Sleepy Panda have thoughtfully constructed a framework within the canvas bag that provides a stable bag to dive into when you set it down.  Additionally, once you put it on your back, it feels like it is carrying itself.  The structure keeps the bag from going limp and hanging on your back or crumbling to the ground when you are trying to reach in and grab a diaper.  I think it is rare to find a backpack with such a nice structure and am confident that it will make packing the diaper bag and retrieving its contents much easier than floppy backpacks that I’ve carried in the past.  Once I put my items in the bag, they stay put because the bag stays put instead of caving in on them.

Now…let’s talk about the pockets.  Oh, the pockets!!  Sleepy Panda bags were designed by moms, for moms, and the pockets are just one of the features that shows this fact off so well! Inside there are 8 pockets to help organize all of the baby goodies.  This bag is deep (read: Mary Poppins deep!) so the pockets are essential to pack it in an organized manner and the designers at Sleepy Panda sure didn’t skimp on providing them for us! Outside of the bag there is a bottle pocket on each side and in front, 2 zipper pockets, one of which has 3 more pockets inside!  One of the pockets on the front zipper pouch is a wet pocket for those wet burp cloths or whatever soggy goods you need to tote around for the day.  Again, the pockets (quantity and types of pockets) make it so clear that these bags were designed by mama’s!

Additionally, when you get your Sleepy Panda Kennedy Bag, it arrives filled with a series of fun accessories to match!  It comes with the following: diaper changing pad, stroller straps, insulated removable water bottle pack, wet bag and a removable clutch.  Then, the motherload (no pun intended!) of all features!  Sleepy Panda thoughtfully included a USB charging hub in the bag right next a slim cell phone pocket so you can charge and carry your phone as you go about your day! Mind. Blown.

I can see this bag accompanying my family on long zoo trips or days at the beach, easily carrying all of our goodies in an organized fashion.  This quality diaper bag provides a good size for parents on the go, with a lot of wonderful features to make life with littles just a bit easier on you.  Check out their website for more bag options and be sure to find them on Instagram @my_sleepy_panda! 

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  1. This is an amazing diaper bag, I love it! The sturdy structure is definitely something you don’t find often, I also really like the neutral look. I would love having this bag for my next baby.

  2. Those pockets are amazing! I had a backpack for my oldest daughter and it had no pockets so it was hard to find things.

  3. This is a very nice bag. Enough room for the new baby and some extra toddler items.

  4. Very beautiful bag! I love all of the bags that they carry. Very stylish.

  5. Those interior pockets are a life saver! So easy to find what you need.

  6. What I like most about this diaper bag is that fathers can carry this around and still feel “manly”. I remember carrying around polka dots and kangaroos diaper bag.

  7. This bag would come in handy long past the time that it’s needed for diapers.

  8. I would love to have a fully functional diaper bag like this, so stylish, so many pockets and looks pretty durable to withstand a lot of packing around.

  9. This is an all around perfect bag for anytime in a kiddos young life. Beautiful!

  10. Wow that is such a great looking bag! For sure designed by moms with all those pockets!! <3

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