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3 Kid-friendly pest control methods

Pests are common nuisances which homeowners have to deal with. The critters can cause significant
damage of different scales to properties and spread diseases in the process. Because of their
potential to cause serious damage, getting rid of pests should be part of regular property
maintenance. It is also important to note that prevention is better than cure.

The methods of getting rid of pests could be broadly classified as natural and chemical-based. The
natural measures include habitat modification and the application of all-natural repellents. These
measures are more kid and family-friendly because they have little to no components that can cause
serious side effects. Here are three kid-friendly pest control methods.

Pest-repellent plants

Grow pest-repellent plants in your garden or around your property to get rid of the pests. Choose
any of the natural pest control plants and grow them on your property to make it unappealing to the
critters. The pest control plant options include mint, lemongrass, lavender, basil, clover, and

Pest-repellent plants are all-natural repellents applicable for indoor and outdoor use. They have
different kinds of effects on the critters. Some work based on their repulsive smells. The taste of the
plants could also be the repellent feature.

The plants grow in different conditions, and you can look for one that best thrives in your area.
Natural repellent products

There are common household products with pest repellent features. These natural products can be
incorporated into cleaning routines and applied directly to discourage the activities of the critters in
the area.

Vinegar is one such natural repellent product. It can be applied as a cleaning product as well as a
natural repellent. To use vinegar as a cleaning product, make a solution of essential oils, water, and
vinegar. To apply vinegar directly as a pest repellent, mix vinegar and coconut oil and directly apply it
to surfaces to discourage pest activity.

Clove oil and eucalyptus oil are other natural repellent options for getting rid of pests. Garlic spray
can also be applied to surfaces to get rid of different kinds of critters.

Seasoning repellents

Different types of seasonings work to discourage the activity of pests. These seasonings include
cayenne pepper, black pepper, turmeric, and paprika. Cloves, bay leaves, and cinnamon are other
pest-repelling seasonings.

Getting rid of the critters with these seasoning repellents requires applying them directly on surfaces
to control infestations and prevent further infestations. These all-natural repellents are readily
available and can be applied directly or incorporated into DIY repellent recipes.

Getting rid of pests and controlling their population with kid-friendly measures means applying the
effective measures and materials that are readily available. Learn more about pest control at

The methods highlighted above pose little to no threat to kids, families, and pets. They can also be
easily applied. We should mention that for all-natural repellents to put up a sufficient line of defense
against the different critters, they should be regularly applied. The different methods applied could
be combined, as necessary for effective pest control.

These methods of getting rid of critters should also be reapplied as often as necessary. All the
natural repellents focus on making an area unappealing and uncomfortable for the critters. They are
also aimed at causing minimal side effects. They are generally safe methods. The kid-friendly pest
control methods can be applied outdoors and indoors as deemed appropriate.

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