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Updating Your Home For A Wheelchair

Sometimes life throws you a curve ball. Many people buy a home and never think they will need to make it wheelchair friendly. If this is true for you, then you understand the stress and work that is involved with the adjustments. You may now have a relative in a wheelchair that needs to reside with you. You may have a family member who had a life experience that lead to a life in a wheelchair. No matter how you got in this situation you do not need to fear. There are plenty of resource to aid in this life change. Be sure to take care of yourself and the one in need.


To start off you may need to quickly install some form of a ramp. This is the main way the wheelchair can easily get in and out of the home. You can grab some ply wood from a local hardware store to get something quickly. This however is not a safe for the long term solution. You can find many semi and fully permeant ramps. You may care more about the aesthetics of this ramp as it will be seen outside your home and is part of your homes curb appeal. The most common ramps are wood or metal. Consider which would fit your situation best.


Stair Lifts

If you have a multi-level home you have to install a stairlift. Typically, stairlifts can be fitted to most stairs, providing a seat and electrical ramp that can be permanently attached to a staircase. Many have a weight limit, so this needs to be considered at the beginning of your research. Do you want the style that the chair folds up to allow easy access to people who are going to be walking up and down the stairs, or can you have the option to have the seat out at all times? Some are battery operated and others need to be hooked up to the electrical system in the home. Check out a site like to explore these and other options.


Wheelchair Lifts

Wheelchair lifts are much more industrial and have a larger compacity. A wheelchair lift allows a person and their wheelchair to remain together as the wheelchair is moved up or down. Oftentimes people install a wheelchair lift outside their home instead of a ramp. This is perfect for landscaping that does not allow for a ramp to be used. There are inclined options and vertical options, so you need to look at the space you are considering to install this device and make the call on that. To learn more about wheelchair lifts and their uses click over to


Residential Elevators

A lot of people think of residential elevators as just a fun feature in luxury homes. They are fun, and are used for mansions and high end homes, but it is not only them that choose to install these types of elevator. If you need to have an elevator installed consider the look you desire. There are many sleek and fashionable choices now available.

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