Giving my kitchen a thorough clean used to feel like I’m chasing rainbows a few years ago. There are many surfaces and appliances which attract different types of messes. But since I discovered a few hacks, deep cleaning my cooking area has never been easier. The first lesson I learned is to have a systematic plan and have the right tools at hand. And yes, blogs like the ones at Simully can help you learn more about the right kind of cleaning too! As for now, I wish to pass along a few tips that I hope will make your kitchen chores easier and faster.

The Sink

The day I’m giving my kitchen a thorough clean often leaves my sink in a filthy state. It is among the last areas to wash. Still, getting it clean and tidy is important, especially if you have water filters built into it. I know some people are very thorough after getting models put into place, using bleach to keep things shiny. Me? I prefer using hot water with soap while focusing more on the backsplash corners. If I notice stubborn stains, I apply a disinfectant spray and a bleaching agent. When the sink is clogged, I use vinegar and baking soda. These two ingredients have been working wonders in solving most of my household cleaning issues.


Before greasing the elbow, I loosen any food debris by sprinkling vinegar and lemon. Since my microwave stays on the countertop, I lift it to clean around and underneath. Normally, I don’t want to spend too much time scrubbing the microwave, so I steam clean it to free up food particles that have been stuck. For the keypad and microwave face, I use a glass cleaner to wipe off the dirt.


I hate that crusty gunk on my oven racks. I start by scrubbing them off with dryer sheets before cleaning the interior. I have never assumed that my oven is self-cleaning. First, I remove everything that could have a fire risk. Having scrubbed baked materials, I can proceed to clean the wire racks.


Since my oven is electric, I have never risked cleaning while the coils are still plugged into the power. Unplugging them makes my work easier. Soapy water removes most of the dirt from pot grates. One of the parts of the cooktop that is easier to forget is the slide-out tray below the burners. It is one of the things I must remove before anything else as well as the hood fan. I like using a soapy sponge and a clean wet rag to wash these parts.


What would I do without my dishwasher! It keeps my dishes clean and so I must appreciate it with a deep clean. Baking soda and vinegar come in handy to cleanse the dishwasher. A lot of soap residue accumulates after a while. I have found vinegar and baking soda (1/2 a cup) to be very effective in removing debris.

Garbage Disposal

My garbage disposal sanitization is critical, and I know a lot of health hazards can emanate from a dirty can. This is one area that needs lemon to clear the odor that could overpower the kitchen if left to build up. The invigorating fragrance of fresh lemon is perfect anywhere in my house and any time. It works wonders for my garbage disposal. If your garbage disposal has broken down, you may want to check out some Milwaukee Garbage Disposal Services or services within your area, so you can get someone out as quickly as possible to help with fixing it ready for you to use it again.

Borax for Just About Anything

I am a big fan of sodium borate so it never lacks in my kitchen. From washing the rugs to neutralizing sticky messes, I have been using borax for ages. I even deodorize the mattress with it.

Cutting Board

My cutting board is made of hard plastic. Even though it doesn’t retain the juices, I use warm water and soap to clean it. Then I cut a few pieces of lemon to sanitize the surface and leave a fresh scent.

Kitchen Cabinets

My kitchen cabinets get grimy all the time. Warm water and vinegar are my top choices when I need to wipe grime and dirt off the cabinets. A spray bottle is my handy tool for this task. After applying the mist on the surface, I let it sit for two minutes before wipe cleaning with a soft cloth. A few drops of liquid soap can remove heavy grime.

Range Hood

My range hood serves me better when the filter is in its pristine condition. Get it cleaned by a reputable hood cleaning services. Once in a while, the filter gets clogged and I use a stockpot to clean the dirt. This technique has taught me how to eliminate stubborn junk that results when cooking oil meets food particles.

Pots and Pans

It is common to find stuck-on food and soot on cookware. My tried and tested cleaning method involves using a hot solution of water and baking soda, a method that has become viral online. When the pan cools off, I scrub the stains with a nylon brush and rinse.

These are my best kitchen cleaning tips. Preventing messes is better than cure. Wiping off spills as soon as they occur is an invaluable housekeeping hack. Similarly, keeping a handheld vacuum nearby is very useful when it comes to quick spot cleaning.

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