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Whether through personal choice or enforced as a result of Covid, working from home is a very likely outcome in 2021. While you managed to survive the challenges in 2020, the fact that this is now a long-term issue means you’ll need a long-term solution. Start by creating a return to work checklist. Ensuring that the property is built to deliver a positive work-life balance is vital.


The small changes often make the biggest impact. Here are eight great tips that will set you on your way.


    1. Declutter. A clear working environment will enable you to enjoy far greater productivity. As well as the home office, you need to clear the entire home. Otherwise, the knowledge of problems around the property will cause mental distractions. For a similar reason, try to go paperless where possible. There are several commercial scannning services that you can avail of to digitalise your files.
    2. Get a door lock. Creating a designated workspace is one thing, but you need it to provide a barrier between yourself and family distractions. Installing a door lock is one of the simplest upgrades you could ever hope to complete. Nonetheless, its impact on daily life can be huge. It also stops the threat of items being misplaced.
    3. Add a houseplant. Working from home can be a little depressing at times. As well as the comfort of family photos, a houseplant can work wonders. Experts at Love My Bonsai can provide a low-maintenance plant that will add a slice of nature and boost the vibe. The benefits are plentiful and it can be a talking point during video calls.
  • Increase the natural lighting. Keeping the home office well lit is a step that’s regularly overlooked. However, dressing the windows to allow more light in will brighten your mood as well as the room. It can also help reduce the strain on your eyes during the working day. If privacy is an issue, window films are available.

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  • Go green. Working from home will inevitably see your energy bills rise. Therefore, you should aim to regain some control over the situation by investing in LED lights. Further steps include more efficient heating and the use of Smart tech. When this is coupled with claiming back the costs that you are entitled to, the results will improve.
  • Boost your WiFi. The reliance on internet communications is greater than ever. As such, you should want to boost your WiFi signal. This can be done by moving your router or buying a signal extender kit. Crucially, though, you will need to choose the right broadband provider. A comparison check combined with a speed test is vital.
  • Get a coffee machine. Staying hydrated is crucial for any worker wanting to remain alert and productive. A Tassimo coffee machine will make life a lot easier while the little perk can keep you motivated too. Not least when getting out of bed in the morning. Besides, compared to coffee shop trips, the machine pays for itself in weeks.
  • Remember other rooms. Establishing a strong work-life balance is a goal shared by millions. This is even more significant when working from home. A lounge of backyard space that allows you to truly relax and switch off from work will serve you well. Of course, a better bed and bedroom surroundings can enhance all aspects of life.


The transition into working from home on a permanent basis will take a little time to get right. When you do, though, the results are simply phenomenal.