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Take On A Decluttering Mission To De-Stress

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Whether you’re in the middle of moving house with these sandy springs movers or you’re just in need of a big clean, a tidy house can make daily life much easier. If you are in the throes of the mental anguish that comes along with the coronavirus pandemic, you might be worried about the future. It can be difficult to see a way out of lockdowns, social distancing, and working from home when we have had to put up with it for ten months. As the year slowly draws to a close, you might be eager to put up your festive decorations. The holidays are usually a time to mingle, catch up with pals, and be super sociable. It will be different this year. Why not use the opportunity to de-stress by decluttering your home and making it more spacious, clear, and fit for purpose in 2021. Take a look at how you can declutter to de-stress.


A Clear Home Is A Clear Mind


It’s not a coincidence that your stress levels rise if you see the kids toys strewn across the floor, your bookcase shelves becoming clogged with ornaments, or your home lacking the space that it once had. The organized chaos that you have created can lead to an anxious and chaotic state of mind. To combat this, you ended to go room by room and consider how you can declutter. This means looking at your knick-knacks and items and considering which ones you can shift. If you haven’t used an item in twelve months this is usually the tell to say that you can wave goodbye to it.


Those sentimental things can be packed up and put in your attic space for safe keeping. Those items that you can see yourself using in your next home but not at the moment could be placed in one of the many small storage units local to you. This way, they are out of your hair, not cluttering up your living space, but they are super safe and secure. Pack up your items as if you are moving house and keep them on a secure site where only you have access to them.




If you have items that are in great condition but you don’t want or need them anymore, the chances are that someone else will. Think about listing these on eBay or a local selling site. One person’s junk really is another person’s treasure. Take photographs of your item from all angles, using up your picture allowance. Write accurate descriptions including dimensions where necessary and be honest, pointing out any flaws or damage. If you say an item is perfect and it’s not, you could be liable for paying out a refund and you may receive negative feedback. Any item that is vintage or old will have some wear and tear. Point it out and let it reach its price. It will sell. Every cent builds up into a tidy little pot of side hustle profit that you can pocket.


If the items that you own have seen better days, you could still donate them. Many charities take fabrics, materials, and clothing by weight, so no matter what the condition, you can be sure that your items are doing good. These charities often sell on the material to then get reused in other items or recycled into new garments.


Decluttering can seem like a tedious mission. However, the process can be therapeutic and can result in you becoming stress-free in your new spacious home.

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