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How Is Erectile Dysfunction Treated

If you have been diagnosed with suffering from erectile dysfunction then it is important that you get the right treatment that treats the root cause of the issue. Depending on exactly what this is, your doctor will recommend a number of different treatment options. Some of the ones that they are most likely to offer you include:



Where erectile dysfunction is caused by psychological issues, such as depression, stress, or anxiety, it may be suggested by your doctor that you visit a professional psychologist for counselling sessions in order to find out what is really causing the problem. In some instances, where it is negatively affecting your relationship, they may even suggest that our partner goes with you for couple’s counselling.



There are several common and effective oral medications that any doctor is likely to prescribe for the treatment of erectile dysfunction. These include Tadalafil, Avanafil, Vardenafil, and Sildenafil. To of Sildenafil follow the link. They all work by significantly enhancing the impact that nitric oxide has on your body. Nitric oxide is a naturally occurring chemical that makes the muscle in your penis more relaxed, thus allowing a greater amount of blood to reach it and so leading to a strong, firm erection that can be sustained for a number of hours.



By doing a moderate or high level of aerobic exercise, you are able to improve your case of erectile dysfunction by lowering the severity of the symptoms. If you are not physically up to it, then even light exercise, provided that it is done on a regular basis, has some ability to lower your chances of suffering from erectile dysfunction in the very first place. For those out there who do not currently exercise or have not done for some time, then you may want to discuss an exercise plan with them. 



Before doing so you should check that it is OK for you to take the specific supplement with your doctor. This is particularly true if you have a serious underlying health condition, such as heart disease. This is because they can sometimes be dangerous when mixed with some types of medication. The NHS also gives warnings about products like herbal viagra, as the labelling is not always clear regarding the ingredients that are in it.



This requires surgical intervention which sees medical devices inserted either side of the penis that are completely malleable and have the ability to inflate. The rod like devices keep your penis nice and hard but because they are bendy, you are still able to manipulate it for the purposes of intercourse with your partner. However, this form of treatment will be not recommended by your doctor until all other avenues have been explored first. This is because having surgery comes with its own set of risks, such as complications occurring and the exposure to infection. For this reason, you are unable to undergo the surgery if have a urinary tract infection.

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