Dusting The Right Way


Did you know that there is actually a proper method you should take when it comes to dusting?


Dust is made up of hair, skin cells, dirt, pollen, etc. The dust that collects in our apartments, rooms, books, and desks can be quite annoying and troublesome at times. You clean and dust it once, but it always comes creeping right back not long later. As such, many of us tend to get a little lazy, and put it off till ‘next time’. 


However, the act of putting it off is not at all great. This is because not only does dust consist of all that mentioned above, it could also contain other more serious things such as bugs – insects that live in dust. When you allow dust to collect, it creates a build-up that is usually known as dust bunnies. These are the big chunks of grey dust that you find underneath your furniture. Not only are these lumps of dusk and eyesore to the overall aesthetic of your place, but too much dust can also affect your personal health. For example, it could cause mild allergies, coughing, sneezing, and even eye irritation. In worse case scenarios, it affects asthmatic people and causes hay fever. Take care of all the dust in your house with this dyson new product.


So how then should you properly dust your house? Well, let us share these tips with you! 


Firstly, remove all items

This means that if you are dusting a piece of furniture, be sure to remove everything on it. For example, on your couch, remove the pillows and dust them too individually. Be sure to dust everything around the house. 


Get a good cloth that is made up of specialized microfiber that helps to ensure that the dust gets trapped in the cloth and not flying everywhere as you dust. Also be sure to wipe everything done thoroughly – the sides, front, and back of your furniture. This also includes other items not including your furniture. Use a separate cloth if need be. 


The area around your furniture should also be cleaned. To do so, you could use either a broom or vacuum to the floor as well. 


There are two different types of dusting – Regular dusting and deep cleaning dusting. It is extremely beneficial if you are able to dust your house regularly. Try for at least once a week or every other week. This would help to prevent there from being a big build-up of dust. 


On the other hand, you have deep cleaning dusting. The areas that you should be deep cleaning would be the parts of the house that you would not seem to take much notice of! These areas are those under the beds, the walls, and the fans. Not to mention windowsills and even door frames. So for areas that seem to collect dust very quickly, you should try to dust them as regularly as possible. Not to mention, every area of your house and furniture should be cleaned – bathroom, living room, bedroom. 

How To Prevent Dust Buildup

Well, reading on how much you should be dusting can be rather off-putting. As such, here is a tip for you. You would not need to dust as much if you knew how to prevent dust. What does this mean? Well, dust usually comes from human hair and skin but you can prevent intrusive particles like pollen by simply keeping your windows, doors, and vents sealed up. 


A bristly doormat could also do the trick by picking up the dirt that is on your shoe, not to mention, it is never a good idea to have your shoes on while in the house. Always leave them outside. 


An air purifier could also come in handy as it traps the excess dust particles around your house. For pet owners, it is good to keep them well-groomed in order to prevent them from shedding too much whenever they walk around. 

If you’re a homeowner, consider investing in a permanent whole-house air conditioning system. Aside from keeping you cool in the summer, air conditioning also filters your air of dust particles and other airborne contaminants that could make you or other people ill.

It makes sense to have a professional AC company install your system for you, as they can recommend the best setup for your home that is both efficient and keeps your operating costs low.

A simpler way to prevent dust right from the start would be to have as little clutter around the house as possible. This is because dust particles can attach themselves to almost any item. By having more items lying around the house, the dust can easily begin to collect. So fewer piles of items equal, lesser dust bunnies. 

Try Not To Use Fluffy Dusters Or Dusting Sprays

Fluffy dusters and dusting sprays are not highly recommended as though they are good at removing dust, they are not exactly the best at preventing dust. This is because while dusting with these products, it might cause the dust particles to float in the air and land on a different spot within your apartment. Some of these dusting tools might not even be able to pick up any dust at all. Dusting sprays on the other hand is good and does help to make your house smell a little better. However, it leaves a residue and may not be the best product for some furniture in your house. 


If you are someone who is very sensitive to dust, and it triggers your allergies, then it is very important to dust regularly in order to prevent the allergies from getting worse. Do note that it is very important to wear protective gear if you are sensitive to it. Have a face mask on, and if your eyes begin to itch, then goggles would do the trick. 



We hope that this article has helped you to better understand the importance of dusting and how best to go about it. Additionally, it is always good to have a regular dusting schedule to ensure that you do not end up with irritations such as cough and sneezing. 


Remember to always look out for areas that you would not usually look at as that is the area where most of the dust collects. Always use a cloth as it is better able to pick up and wipe away the dust particles. And lastly, remember to dust all items. Not just your furniture. The pillows, books, and the area around it as well. A clean and dust-free home is a happy home and we wish you all the best in your spring cleaning journey!


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