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Answering All Of Your Questions About Air Conditioning Maintenance

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Many people will agree that air conditioning is one of the most effective and efficient ways of cooling and heating a property. However, you need to maintain your investment to ensure you get the most out of it for years and years to come. Keeping that in mind, read on to discover the answers to some of the most commonly asked questions regarding air conditioning maintenance.

Why do I need to get my air conditioning system inspected?

A technician will be able to discover any small problems before they develop into something more serious and more expensive. Inspections are also vital for efficiency, which will, in turn, ensure you get more from your system and could lower your monthly energy bill by as much as 15 percent.

How often should a professional inspect your air conditioning system?

You should book an air conditioning service once a year, even if you are not experiencing any issues with your current system. This will ensure that any problems are picked up on before they manifest, thus saving you a lot of hassle and money. Not only this, but the accumulation of dirt and dust halters efficiency, meaning that five percent of operating efficiency per annum can be lost because of the build-up. This highlights why it is vital to have an air conditioning service on a yearly basis. That said, there are websites like and similar others that could provide the service of maintaining an existing air-conditioner.

What does an air conditioning maintenance inspection include?

An air conditioning maintenance inspection such as those seen in Colorado hvac may include checking all of the following – connections, refrigerant levels, the return and supply lines, operating temperatures, operating pressures, coils, the drain line, the motor, and the blower.

How long will my air conditioning system last with proper maintenance?

Your air conditioning system should last approximately 15 years with proper maintenance. If that sounds appealing, you could consider looking for a Goodman AC unit to get installed in your home. Make sure to find a good installation company to ensure it’s been properly set up.

How do you find the best company for air conditioning maintenance?

You should opt for a company that has a considerable amount of experience, and it is advisable to read reviews that have been left by previous customers to see what they have to say about the service they received. You also need to check that the contractors are licensed as HVAC contractors and all HVAC companies should hold liability insurance and workers’ compensation. Many companies look to be efficient and organized too. This is important to look for in a HVAC company. As many of them do use software apps, it can ensure that workers know what needs to be done, allowing them to get on with the job. Some of the apps can even organize invoices too, allowing the customer to see a breakdown of services done. This makes companies more efficient.

What can I do to maintain my system?

There are ways you can ensure your air conditioning system is maintained, yet this does not eliminate the need for a professional service. Changing your air filter every few months is advised while you also need to ensure that you protect your ducts if you are planning on doing any home projects or renovations. You should also clean your outside unit every so often, as debris and dirt can built up on the condenser, and this will make your air conditioner work harder because the build-up will block the airflow.

Yearly air conditioning maintenance is vital if you want to ensure you don’t fall victim to any costly repair bills while also making certain that your system is running efficiently, and you are reaping the rewards in terms of reduced energy bills.

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