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Going Back to Office After Covid

Shake it off! We finally made it to 2021, and I think everyone can agree that we have high hopes for this year. We want to have a real fresh start while also remaining safe as the Covid-19 virus is still actively spreading. You may be waiting to get your vaccine, or even got one already (lucky!). So lets talk positive and think about some fun things we can do or plan in 2021.

Going Back to Work in the Office

You may be able to go back to office now. This is going to be a huge change. You probably have been working from home, chilling in your cute comfy lounge clothes, but remember, you need to get your work attire out of retirement and make in the front of your closet. Don’t be ashamed, we all gained a few pounds. Try on the clothes and don’t get too depressed. Find what fits, and see what new items you have to quickly purchase. With shopping online, you can get those new slacks and suit jacket pretty quick. Don’t toss the stuff you jus tried on and didn’t fit. Keep you hopes up and save them. Get back to walking, going to the gym and add a salad to your lunch. You will be back in those work favorites by summer time.

Maintain Hygiene

Just because you’re going back to the office doesn’t mean it’s safe. The virus is still killing thousands upon thousands of people, so now isn’t the time to let your guard down when it comes to hygiene. Wipe down surfaces, clean handles and knobs, keep the room ventilated and wash your hands regularly. You should also deep clean the office using Commercial Cleaning Kingston services at least once a week. Commercial cleaning services will disinfect your whole office, from the desks and keyboards to the toilets and taps. Remember, it only takes a dirty door handle to become infected, so you can’t be too careful.

Spice Up Your Look

You haven’t seen your coworkers and boss in a while. Well, I mean we have all seen each others upper halves in our video calls. When you walk into the office you want to start with a happy and positive outlook. You are wearing a new mask, one that is comfortable and safe. You may not be able to show off you cool stash or new Jonteblu lipstick, but you can sport a new watch from People will see it and it will spark a new conversation about buying new products for yourself. We may still be hiding half our face but we can spice up with new pieces of jewelry and shoes.

Spread Company Comradery

Comradery is a spirit of friendship and community between a group of people. After all the world has been through in 2020, entrepreneurs can make use of team alignment techniques and a healthy serving of comradery. Look at how your office is set up. Is it set up to encourage employee well-being? Is there a way to still socially distance but be able to see and communicate? If you are management, talk to your staff about how you can help them feel safe and feel part of the team. If you are an employee and feel uncomfortable, then talk to your boss about this. We all want to feel together in this.

Going back to the office may feel weird or scary even. You have been so used to be safe at home and keep away from people, even the people you love and miss the most. If you notice a lack of interest in the staff consider ordering some new company swag from Mato & Hash. They offer custom designed shirts so you can have fun and get your company logo one there again. Maybe through a Welcome Back party. Mato & Hash offers party bags and you can get the ball rolling from there. Initially, some offices might organize fun games to brighten up the mood of their returning employees. Playing games such as the ones involving large group escape rooms or similar ones could serve to be a good way of bringing people together and removing any anxiety they have after the pandemic.

We were in this together in 2020, and we are still in this together in 2021. Be safe getting back together with people. We are strong and we will make it through.

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