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Traveling Business Professional’s Guide: Tips and Tricks

Do you find yourself often traveling for business? In this day and age, this is a very comment occurrence in business sales and management. When you are traveling odd’s are you are busy and looking for ways to still enjoy your off time and keep your physical and mental health a priority. This article is for people who know they have to travel and how to make the best of things.

Out of the Country

Many professionals find themselves on planes and other forms of transportation all the time, many times carrying you to different countries. While you are focused on the task at hand, remember that there are times you may need to stay for a longer time than a quick weekend trip. You should ask your employer for leave for some days if you are working for a company. Most probably your company uses employee leave management software too to help employees with leave management. If you are going to be frequenting a country many times, or have other employees or business partners also coming to that same location then it would be the best investment to purchase a condo, a house, or even a few business office locations. Seek a solid mortgage provider like

Bring the essentials – your toiletries, your clothing- both work and after hours. Chances are if you’re traveling for a business purpose, you will probably need plenty of business cards to hand out. It’s great if you already have some, but if you don’t, you can look into design companies like The Web Designer Cardiff – Cardiff web design or similar ones, who might be able to provide you with stylish, professional-looking business cards for your trip. Alternatively, you may also want to bring some other forms of print marketing in case anyone needs some more information or a brochure on your company and its services for example. If this is the case, you can find some Duplo Booklet Makers or similar to make your company some information booklets. If the client or customer feels knowledgeable about your services, they are more likely to invest in them. Plus, it adds a touch of professionalism! You can’t go wrong and will be repping your company well with these methods. You may also want to start your own blog or start journaling. When your days of travel are done and you move into retirement it will be such a joy to read your thoughts and prior experiences. It can bring you joy and be a great conversation starter at family meals. While packing you may need to find new suitcases and shoe boxes. Take care of your suitcases and be sure to buy a quality one, as they get along with wear and tear on long trips. Don’t pack the ‘just in case’ things all the time. Keep light and it is less mess to pack up when you ship off to the next destination.

Mental Health

Being on the road and not being physically closes to your family and friends can get taxing. You are probably calling, texting, skyping, and Facetiming them, but it isn’t the same and being in the same room. We all get that sad feeling at times. However, you must be honest with yourself and when you find yourself becoming too sad and depressed say something. Reach out to those you trust and are closest with and tell this your feelings and thoughts. There are many ways to help you get out of a funk or depression. Do not put your mental health on hold.

Reach out to your primary care doctors. If you need to telecall them, many doctors and hospital systems have this type of technology available. Some large network facilities may even have locations or contacts in the state or country you are staying in. If you want to be at the top of your game, making those sales, closing deals, solidifying that new business relationship then YOU have to be in the right mindset. When you are happy and confident that will radiate into your conversations and attitude. You may be able to fake the happiness and joy, but when it is not true in your heart and mind you are lying to yourself. Be honest, reach out, you are not alone.

Physical Health

You are getting tired. You have jet lag. Your stomach hurts from all that coffee and lack of sleep. We get it. It sucks. After you have been on a long car ride or flight your legs are cramped, your back feels off and you just need to stretch. Use your cellphone or computer to pull up some yoga or Pilates videos. In the privacy of your hotel or condo, you can get yourself stretched out and feeling better pretty fast. Having your body in the right state of being you will also sleep better. You know how important good sleep can be. Taking that 15 to 20 minutes of stretching will really pay off in dividends.

You may or may not have a gym nearby. Getting in some cardio will help not only keep you physically fit but it helps clear your mind. If you are stressed about that big deal, the meeting you have this week then getting a good workout in will definitely help you. You can jog outside, use an elliptical, keep some quality weights, like the ones from Get some use out of those running shoes and gym shorts you packed. You are going to really appreciate the time you put into your physical well-being.

Tropical Destinations

If you are a salesperson or owner that needs to wine and dine clients or offer sales initiative trips for your sales staff. You should probably choose a place where you can invest and make the best financial choices. Instead of offering random sales trip you should instead purchase a home on an island, like Hawaii, and have that be the vacation destination, click here to learn more about investing in real estate in Hawaii. When you have a purchased location you are now earning that money back through your mortgage. Be sure to hire a local housekeeper and handyman. This way you can be sure it is in top-notch shape as well as keep an eye on it while no one is staying there.

Decorate the home with a fun theme. Using pops of color and items like shells and local items in the accent. Remember to stock extra towels, linens, and dishes. If you really want to show them how much you appreciate them have the housecleaner leave a gift card for a local restaurant and to the local grocery store. Make a binder with lists of cab companies, delivery services, top restaurants, tourist activities, and other exciting aspects of the location.

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