Having a baby in a house means following three things are sure to happen:

  • Messy House
  • Disturbed Sleep Schedule
  • And last but definitely not least…the battle to make the babies sit straight during mealtimes.

When babies reach the age of 12-14 months, they want to explore their environment. For this purpose, these tiny creatures cannot sit in one place, even during mealtime. In fact, during the mealtimes, the babies are focused on everything and everyone around them becomes except for their meals.

Holding the feeding items, making the baby sit straight, and feeding them, all these tasks together can make the mealtime quite tiresome for the mothers. Not to mention, that it can take up a lot of time to make the baby eat his meal properly.

Mothers are always running around the clock to manage their chores and to be available for their babies. A lot of mothers search the internet to look up tips and tricks to make their lives easier without compromising on their babies.

If you are also one of those mothers, who wants to make her life easier and mealtime with babies a little less messy, then all you need is that one piece of furniture that will transform your mealtimes with the baby. 

A highchair is the answer to make the mealtimes with a baby easier.

Buying a highchair is not necessary. If the parents can manage their babies while feeding them then there is no need for a highchair. But, if your baby is a little wigglier and doesn’t focus on his meals, then you should invest in a good high chair.

A high chair may seem like a simple piece of furniture used during mealtimes, but you’ll be surprised to know how many benefits it has in store for both the baby and the mother.

Advantages of a High Chair


  • Time-Saving 

Perhaps the greatest benefit of the high chair which overshadows the rest of the benefits is that it saves a lot of time. Feeding the baby while he is seated in a high chair makes the mealtime finish much faster and without hassle.

  • Self-Dependence

If you want your baby to become an independent eater, then you must inculcate this habit at a tender age. A high chair comes with a tray which is used to keep the feeding items of the baby. This feature of the high chair allows the baby to feed himself and focus on the meal, without having to hold anything.

  • Family Time

A person enjoys mealtime more when he eats with his family. A high chair allows the baby to be included in the family mealtime. Including the baby in family mealtime can strengthen the bond between the baby and his family members.

  • Safety and Security 

Making the babies sit in a regular chair or on a lap can sometimes be risky as they might slip away and hurt themselves. With a high chair, parents can be relieved that the baby will be safe and secure during mealtime no matter how much he twists and turns.

  • Other Activities

The primary purpose of a high chair is to make mealtimes more convenient for the babies and their mothers. But, a high chair can also be used for other activities. For instance, it can be used for reading time or for playing with flashcards. 

If you don’t have anyone to watch over your baby while you work in the kitchen or a room, etc. then you can place the baby inside the high chair and keep him closer to you.

The benefits of high chairs are not only limited to the above-listed ones. There are many more advantages that you and your baby can reap by using a high chair. 

But wait…there is just one condition attached to getting these benefits. 

The condition to benefit from a high chair is to make your baby sit on it. Making the babies sit on the high chair may seem easy but, as they grow up it becomes difficult to make them sit for longer durations.

Wondering how to overcome this problem? Well, don’t worry we have a solution for you. Below we have mentioned seven easy tricks to make your babies sit longer in the high chair for peaceful and less messy mealtimes.

All you have to do is keep reading…!

Tricks To Keep Your Child Seated Longer in Their High Chair


  • Invest in the Right Chair


The first trick to make your child sit longer in a high chair is to get the right high chair for them. If the high chair is comfortable and safe, the child will enjoy sitting in it. If the high chair is uncomfortable and unsafe then the baby will give you a tough time while sitting in it.

Before you buy a high chair make sure that you take the following considerations into account.

  • Safety Features

When it comes to buying things for babies, safety is the priority of all the parents. Babies do not have complete control over their bodies and sometimes they find it hard to balance themselves. For this purpose, make sure that the high chair has the feature to keep the baby secured.

There are numerous chairs available in the market. However, remember that not every chair is suitable for your baby. Each baby has different needs. What suits one baby doesn’t necessarily mean that it will suit your baby too.

Make sure that the chair you purchase is sturdy and won’t topple if the child throws a tantrum. Also, check the safety strap and the harness points. Furthermore, do check that the chair is properly polished and there are no sharp edges or hinges which might hurt your little one.

  • Comfortable Seat

How long can you sit on an uncomfortable chair? 5-10 minutes right? Do not expect your baby to sit longer in the chair if it’s not comfortable. If the seat is soft and cozy, the little ones will enjoy it and let their parents have the mealtime in peace.

Buy a high chair that is well padded and comfortable for your munchkin.

  • Versatility

Gone are those days when the only type of high chair was available in the market for the babies. Nowadays, there are many high chairs which grow with your baby. The chair can be modified and used according to the needs of your child.

Invest in a chair that can be changed from a baby high chair to a toddler high chair and then into a booster. Be smart about your purchases and save your money. Get your baby the items which he can use longer.

  • Footrest

Many parents overlook this aspect when they purchase a high chair. A footrest allows your baby to rest their legs on it instead of keeping them dangling.

A high chair footrest allows the baby to rest their feet while he is seated on the chair. It improves the postures of the baby and avoids the risk of varicose veins. 

Don’t worry if the high chair you purchase doesn’t have a footrest. You can easily get your hands on a Pawsi high chair footrest. It is cheap, convenient, and easy to attach to the baby chair.

Learn more about the benefits of Pawsi high chair footrest.

  • Portable

Get a high chair that is easy to move around. Heavy and bulky chairs are a problem to move. The best option is to buy a high chair which has wheels attached to it. 

High chairs with wheels make it easier to move the high chair around the house or to take them outside.


  • Lower Your Expectations


We understand that the parents want their babies to have peaceful mealtime with less fidgeting and smearing. But, do not expect the babies, especially the toddlers to sit properly for 10-15 minutes straight.  

When you start making them sit in the high chair they are sure to cry and fidget at first. Do not force them to sit for longer durations. Try making them sit for a few minutes and then eventually increase their time.

If you make them sit for more than 5 minutes, in the beginning, there is a high probability that the babies will throw a big tantrum whenever they are made to sit in the high chair.

  • Include The Baby In Family Mealtimes


Another trick to make babies sit in the high chair is to include them during family mealtimes. Let’s accept it, people enjoy eating with their family rather than eating alone. Babies like it too when they are made to eat with the rest of the family.

Bring the high chair near the table or the kitchen counter. When the baby sits with everyone he enjoys having family time. Family mealtime not only makes the baby sit longer in the high chair but also strengthens his bond with his family.

A baby who has strong bonding and attachment with his family members is more likely to develop confident social behavior. 

  • Let Them Explore


Babies are inquisitive by nature. They love to explore and feel everything around them. When you make the baby sit in a high chair, try to keep his chair near to the table or a kitchen counter. It allows him to view multiple objects and he tries to grab them to feel their texture.

Allow them to pick up the objects and feel them on their tiny hands. Babies will keep themselves occupied while exploring the things around them and they will sit longer in their high chairs. 

However, make sure not to keep sharp objects such as knives, forks, chopsticks, and lighters, etc. within their reach.

  • Limit Distractions


During mealtimes, everything becomes magically interesting for the babies. From the crumbs on their chair to the toy which they haven’t touched in weeks, everything will interest them. To make sure that your baby focuses on his meal and sits properly in a high chair, try to limit the distractions around him.

Switch off the TV, don’t use tablets or smart-phones around them. Furthermore, make sure you use the high chair in a place where the baby would be least distracted. It will help him to focus on his meal and not on his surroundings.


  • Encourage Self Eating


Mealtimes means a mess time for the baby. They love to feed their surroundings too. To avoid the mess and maintain cleanliness, many mothers do not favor the idea of letting the babies eat on their own. Suction base tableware has become essential for parents when it comes to toddler mealtimes. Some toddler weaning sets provide a stable base for little ones learning to feed themselves. Thanks to the silicone suction base underneath the bowls and plates, your baby won’t be able to lift the plate from a textured or smooth surface and throw it on the floor, therefore a less messy mealtime for the family.

Encouraging self-eating in the babies not only keeps them focused but also makes them learn how to hold the feeding items. Holding and gripping things enhance their fine motor skills.

  • Never Leave the Baby Unattended


Never, we repeat, never leave your baby unattended while he is seated on a high chair. Whenever you make him sit in the high chair, make sure there is always someone to watch over them.

If nobody is around the baby while he is seated on the high chair, he will surely think of ways to escape the high chair. The baby may topple the chair and injure himself seriously. 

Having someone around reduces the chances of the baby to escape the high chair. He remains seated as long as someone is watching him.

In A Nutshell


High chairs are without a speck of a doubt a very useful piece of furniture for both the baby and his parents. It makes the mealtime easier, improves the posture of the baby, encourages self-feeding, and allows the baby to become disciplined during mealtimes.

Making the child comfortable and used to a high chair is not easy. Relax! There is no need to panic if your child is not ready to sit in a high chair or cries when he is made to sit.

Babies need time to get familiar with things. Do not expect them to get comfortable the moment they sit. Do not force them to sit for prolonged durations. Start by making them sit for 2-3 minutes and then gradually increase the time as needed.