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Repairing Privately Owned Structures

When a new project ends up on your plate you may get excited – but then when you look into it you may end up mad. Dealing with updates to large projects can be daunting as well as tasking. However, you need to get the ball rolling. So pull out your pad of paper, your favorite pen and pour cup of joe. Reread the plans given to you. Sit on it. Don’t just jump into fire a blazing. You need to approach this professionally and in a business like manner. Okay, lets get going.


Lets give an example. The company you work for has a large business sign that needs repaired. It is a giant metal sign on top of a thick wooden pole. It has electrical components and requires coding. What of these areas are you expertise? Possibly none of them. If this is the case you need to reach out to the people in the company and ask them a few solid questions. You don’t want to waste either of your times. Often these staff members already have a full plate. They may not want to talk to you about your project – after all – it is YOUR project not theirs. If this happens offer to take them out to lunch, your treat — possibly you can write this lunch off if anything. At this relaxing moment you can now ask those deeper questions when their guard is down.


After they give you the 411 you can get the ball moving. First, what is the budget? Are you looking to have this completed by a certain date? Are you going to need to rent some heavy machinery? If so, you may need to contact a Modified Custom Skate Supplier so you can pick up some roller dollies to maneuver the machinery where you need it to be with minimal damage. If you are looking into the types of machines that are available, look for the one that will simply get the job done in a safe way, you never want to break OSHA and have a violation. If you need to rent equipment go with a solid company like


Now that you have the equipment you need to solidify your staff. You need people with experience. If you can source them from inside you company you will save on extra costs. Be sure to runt his by your management as well as theirs. No need to step on toes and get people upset. When the staffing it settled get the ground ready for the equipment. Have the crew manager consider the best sludge reduction. Call the city and make sure you have all the permits you need. If you need to close down part of the street for the e1quipemtn and staff then you need to call the local police. Explain to them the situation, how you need their help and for how long. This way they can be sure the local department is still staffed properly for them.


When you are ordering the sign to be made check the facility that is manufacturing it. If you are spending this amount of time and money on the project it is always better safe then sorry when choosing you vendors. Ask them for some referrals and call those referrals. See their opinion of how the job went. If it is needed ask for a tour of their shop. Does it look up to code? Are they checking for problems, like if they need a pipette repair? It is okay if you don’t know the answers – just be sure to ask someone who does know so no hiccups happen.


Lastly be sure to call the local electrical provider. You will want to have one on them present incase there are any issues like a building becoming ungrounded due to the contactors mistake. Safety first. Now good luck on your adventure but play it safe.

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