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Updating Your Warehouse Facility

After time all things need updates. Your wardrobe, your TV, your home and your business. As you consider how you want to roll out an update you need to stand back and get a good feel for what you have, what you want and how to make the changes. Let’s go over some of the basics.

What You Have

What about the current situation do you like? How has this facility helped grow your business? Whether you are using a big or small building or are even thinking of building one, consider how you will use the space. While the facility is being constructed, you might want to look at the option of leasing equipment for the construction process. Considering renting construction equipment can be cheaper for you in the long run, and you might even have to pay the construction company you hire a considerably lesser amount. However, if you already have an existing facility, talk to the people who work inside the building. Talk to them about what they like and what they think will benefit the business. When you ask the people who are there you show them you do care. That you value their thoughts and opinions. They will be able to give you the feedback that is true. You may be surprised at their comments and suggestions. They know whether a salt dome storage or a barn like structure will be better for daily use.

What You Want

Now that you have surveyed the current situation you need to sit down and list off the things you want. After you have those listed, you need to prioritize them. For more tips on that, learn more from Forklift Safety Solutions. If we talk about forklifts, it would be hard to find an industry-grade warehouse that does not have one. Forklifts are widely used in multiple sectors of industry. When one breaks down, it can cause significant delays in everyday operations since it has become so essential. Therefore, it might be crucial for warehouse owners to have a forklift checklist similar to the one found at Texas Motive Solutions that can assist in averting major forklift breakdowns.

Equipment such as forklifts are crucial to the smooth functioning of any warehouse facility, and consequently, the workers operating this machinery also become crucial. The safety of these employees also becomes top priority. On that note, any employee who functions as a forklift operator is mandated to acquire a Forklift Certification Washington State (as well as in other states of the U.S.) according to OSHA regulations. These machines often carry heavy loads which is why operating them in the correct manner becomes very important. Incorrect or untrained operation of such machines can be dangerous and lead to employee injuries at the workplace. Ensuring worker safety comes first and foremost at every warehouse facility.

Besides that, ask yourself what are the musts, the wants, and the ones you can probably do without? You could try asking some warehouse employees and make a list of all the things that you need to buy. You may need an electric pallet truck, dock boards, truck restraints, and many more items. After you organize this list, start to research how much it might cost you. Consider your budget and start working with this. Call several vendors and talk to them directly. Don’t just go off the website. If you take the time to call them and discuss your thoughts they will better help you and help with any possible deals they can offer. If you need new plumbing call your neighboring businesses. Ask them how their plumbing is going and if they like how it is installed. If you need to protect your building from lightning strikes and solar flares then you need to call EMP Shield. Call you local internet and phone company. Ask some deeper questions on your bill and what they can offer. You may be eligible for some upgrades and discounts you didn’t even know about.

How to Make The Changes

Now that you have a list of things to do, you need to organize them in a way that allows you to still use your facility without closing down for installs. There will be things that will cause the building to have to close for a day or so, but you want to set it up so you have the least amount of downtime. You need to keep your staff working and production to still be at 100%. Look into moving this around with a new pallet. When you are getting the staff ready to come back after a day or so off treat them to a lunch on you. Call Panera and get a party tray. If you want to make it an after hours event call a local brewery and see if they can host an event. When you treat your employees well, they are more loyal and care about the business. Now get to it! And good luck.

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