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Creating a Positive Work Environment

We all can understand the importance for working in a positive environment. If you have ever worked in a negative or volatile environment then you can really appreciate the good ones. There are many things that contribute to the offices energy. The staff, the management, the building and the work load. While you may not be able to change a person, you can change the office they are working in. So lets discuss that option.


Create a Calm Yet Productive Environment

People work best when they feel safe and appreciated. People cannot thrive in a building that is too hot or too cold. If they feel like they are always being judged and hovered over they may shrink back and be less productive as they could be. Do they have a lunch area or a lounge? This is a perfect area for you to optimize a better environment. Things that employees appreciate in their lunch and break areas are a full size fridge, a place to sit and eat their food. Able lighting and the right temperature. You can upgrade some things pretty easily. Add some new artwork. Get a new coffee machine or better yet an espresso machine. Surprise them with new chairs and a modern marble coffee table. If anything just ask around the office and see what they would prefer. Make a list of a few things you can afford and make a Google form for them to fill out anonymously.


Build Company Moral

How is the vibe? Are there clicks? Does everyone get along or are there some arguments that always seem to pop up – because this is very normal. You may want to give everyone a day ‘off’ by attending a company picnic. Find a local park or facility and rent it out for the day, or at least the afternoon. Have it catered and hire someone with a liquor license if you are having this party later in the day. Have a brief speech ready for you to announce. Recognize some of the staff that deserve a pat on the back and a clap from the rest of the company. When people are recognizes it will increase their confidence and moral in their department. At the beginning, end or during the event be sure to take advantage of swag. People love to get new gifts from their company – and it is in the companies best interest if it has the company name and/or logo on it. Order some custom tee shirts and stickers from to find the best customs available.


Consider a Larger Office

If your business is growing, and isn’t that good, you may be also out growing the work space. Cubicles and offices can only hold so many people. If you have a call center and use cubicles, you may be out of space and needing an extra area for more important calls, so it isn’t too loud on the other end. If you do need to move use a reliable company like orange county movers. They will get the job done right. Don’t buy a space that you will grow out of, I suggest having one you can grow into.


If you take advantage of these suggestions and let me know, which worked for you?

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