Budgeting for a problem in the house is vital; as is your insurance; however, it’s also vital to be aware of the types of problems you may encounter. Not all houses meet the needs of their occupants perfectly… And that’s normal! Fashions change, families, change, people age. Although there is usually no solution as easy as repainting the walls to functional problems in a house, there are still often ways to improve the condition. If it becomes more and more frustrating and challenging for the people who live there daily, to the point that they come to feel completely overwhelmed and caught off guard!

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A kitchen that is too small

Just a few decades ago, kitchens were much smaller – and generally relatively less functional – than today! It wasn’t a room we wanted to spend time in, let alone get together; moreover, the food that was prepared there was not (with some exceptions) so elaborate. It is, therefore, a prevalent source of irritation for those who move into an older house: the kitchen is not large enough or open enough to entertain and spend time in! Nowadays, cooking is a hobby. We like to entertain or even want the whole family to be near during the preparation of meals. Maximize vertical space and set up a series of organizational solutions: shelves, hooks and baskets that save space. Getting rid of all unnecessary items is also an efficient solution.

The house has a pest problem.

Thankfully pests and damages can be quickly sorted; usually! Any infestation can be exterminated by a professional. Keep a list of Local Exterminators to ensure you have the number to hand. If the problem is rotting door frames or damp, then that should also be taken care of to improve the quality of your living whilst in the house.


Living in a house that is not entirely accessible is a daily struggle for many people, whether they are disabled, ageing or convalescing. When you are in good health, you suspect not the magnitude of the problems associated with the presence of stairs, corridors too narrow to fit a wheelchair. Smaller rooms may not seem very functional, but you can make them so. Relocate the person with special needs by changing their room (for example, near a large bathroom, on the same level as the entrance). Add grab bars in the bathroom. Make it safe and secure just in case your living situation changes.

An unfinished basement

A basement is a great place to store things, but often it isn’t a reality to do so. It is often the least visited place in a house and for a good reason: what could be more depressing than an unfinished basement? But yet, it is a real gold mine: free, accessible and adaptable space! Investing a little time and money to improve an unfinished basement is always a winning strategy. You can get it remodeled by professionals of a basement remodeling boulder firm, for instance, if that is where you live, to achieve a finished look so that the basement can integrate seamlessly with the rest of your home. Also, with a proper design, there would be ample space for your storage needs.

Use at least the basement as storage space, for example by installing shelves and shelves as well as a series of transparent bins. So the basement can at least be used to declutter the living rooms.

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