Are you building a new house? Congrats! What a fun and exciting adventure. When you are building a new home there are so many choices and decisions to make. Here are some tips as you get ready to break ground.


Finding the right location is a perfect way to ensure you are going to love this home for the long run. Check into the local schools. How are they rated compared to the rest of the state? How far are they located/will children take the bus or walk to school?

Neighborhoods – are you looking for a quiet neighborhood or one filled with kids playing outside and dog owners walking their dogs?

Cell phone – are you getting good reception? Cell phones are a huge role in our daily lives, so be sure to look into this.

Also, see how far it is from your current residence. Will you be able to relocate on your own? Else, you might have to explore a few local moving companies to shift your belongings to your new location once the construction is done.

Floor Plans

Are you building a custom home or a model home? Both are great but this is a huge decision. How many bathrooms do you require? Do you want a full basement? Do you want an open floorplan? How big of a bedroom are you wanting? If you are custom building, you have a lot of flexibility with these questions. Perhaps you are overwhelmed at the thought of making those types of decisions, making it a better choice to select a pre designed model instead.


Honestly, I do not suggest you always go for the cheapest options. Yes, maybe the bathroom tile isn’t a priority for you, but other things are crucial to the longevity of your home.

Do you want carpet in the living room or new hardwood? Are you going to be building a deck and have been looking into the Allspa hot tub deals? Be sure to shop around for the best hot tub, sit in a few. Look at the sizes and features. If you are upgrading with a hot tub, you want to get it right the first time, as replacing them can be pricey. You’ll see many Hot Tubs For Sale advertisements so make sure you are going to a good source and check out reviews from customers to listen to what they have to say.

Pipes – do not skimp here! Look into the bestradiant heating manifold. You want to make sure that your hot water can get to the top corner of your house as easily as it is to get hot water at your kitchen sink. If you live in an area of the country that has harsh winters you need to make sure your pipes don’t freeze. If they do, it is not a cheap repair. Look into for ways to keep your pipes safe.

Above all, have fun! Try not to stress out. This is a big life choice, but it should be a great memory too.

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