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Important Home Maintenance Tasks Not To Forget In Winter

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Now that December is here, we are finally starting the countdown to Christmas with our families. It is important though now to start doing some of those all important maintenance tasks at home to keep it looking bright, clean, and festive during the season.

It is easy to forget home maintenance around Christmas however today we are going to take a look at some of the tasks you should complete consistently to ensure your home stays clean and tidy, and pest free over the festive season.

Wiping your window sills

It is incredibly important in winter not to forget to wipe your windows each morning to rid them of condensation. Condensation alone might not seem like a problem; however, as it builds up and creates a cold and damp environment it can attract mold spores which will grow and multiply. Be sure that you wipe your windows every day to keep them dry and keep mold away. If you do not have enough time on your plate to do the cleaning, then you may want to look up commercial window cleaning services in your vicinity. They can restore your windows back to their original condition.

That said, if you fail to clean occasionally, then the mold might cause people to suffer from sneezing, inflammatory reactions, allergies, congestion, and breathing problems, or more. Therefore, if you have even the slightest suspicion about the growth of mold in your home, you might need to look for “mold removal near me” and find a service provider who can take care of the mold problem. But, as said, if you wipe and get rid of condensation and moisture, the growth of molds or other fungi can be avoided.

Eradicating pests

Pests sadly don’t take a break for Christmas, and it is important for you to take precautions to prevent them taking over your home this Christmas. Consider contacting pest control services for bigger issues, and in your everyday life be sure to clean the house often, avoid food left out, and take the bins out. The last thing you want around Christmas is to have to deal with a pest infestation. You might also look for trusted termite treatment companies in your vicinity and make your home hygienic and safe.

Cleaning the carpet

It is so important before the festive season comes along to deep clean your carpets. Cleaning the carpets is likely something you don’t do often, but now and again a good deep clean is needed to maintain a hygienic home. Be sure to clean your carpet often and make it smell fresh for when you have guests over during the festive period.

Soaking your showerhead

One of the important cleaning jobs you should do once a week throughout the year is cleaning the showerhead. Over time, your showerhead will attract mould and mildew and this will cause the spouts to clog up and affect water pressure. To avoid this issue on a cold winter’s night, soak your showerhead in a mixture of bleach and water overnight. This will help kill anything living in your showerhead, and the next day you can simply pour the water away and run the shower for a few minutes to rinse it out. This cleaning hack is essential all year long so make sure to do this in winter!

Fixing broken seals

As time goes on, the sealant around your windows and doors will slowly start to crumble. This is a natural part of wear and tear and it is important for you to replace cracked or broken sealant as it deteriorates. Replacing the sealant around windows and doors is important not only for the strength of your windows but it will also stop heat escaping or cold air getting into the house in winter.

Be sure to try these maintenance jobs during winter to keep your home in tip top condition even when Christmas arrives.

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