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When we think of accessibility, we tend to think of companies, businesses and brick and mortar stores who have the legal responsibility to make their premises accessible to everyone, including people with disabilities. But have you ever considered making your home accessible? Generally speaking, people will only do this if they have a child or family member who requires special access. But others can make these changes too! You never know when someone in your own family could find themselves in need of access options – whether permanent or temporary due to an injury – or when you may make a new friend who needs access too! Here are just a few things you can do to make your home accessible, just in case.


Invest in a Ramp


One of the first and most significant and effective changes that you can make to your home to make it more accessible is to invest in aluminium ramps. These ramps can be used in any areas with steps leading into your home to make sure that the entrance is as accessible as possible. There are countless types out there, from types that can be packed down and brought out as and when required to types that are more permanently fitted and designed for regular use.


Placing a Hand Rail in the Bathroom


Some kind of handrail in the bathroom is a small design change that could come in extremely useful. They can help significantly with mobility around the bathroom. There are plenty of different grab bars available on the market at a reasonable cost. Just make sure that they are firmly fixed to the wall, so that they can fully support an adult’s full body weight.


Place Grab Rails in Key Areas


As well as the bathroom, there are other key areas where grab rails could come in extremely useful. Anywhere that someone may need to help themselves get up, or may need to lean for a little support, a grab rail is going to be a great fitting.


Replace Door Knobs with Press Lever Handles


Door knobs can be difficult to use for people who have difficulty gripping. So, why not replace them for press lever door handles? An alternative could be push and pull bars. These tend to be easier for people to grip and can make all the difference when it comes to getting about the house.


In Doubt? Ask an Expert


If you’re in doubt as to any changes you’re making around your home – whether they’re the right changes to make, whether you’re getting good value for money or anything else – simply ask an expert. There are people who know the ins and outs of home accessibility and could give you some really great advice that will guide you in the right direction!


Hopefully, the ideas above will be enough to get the ball rolling when it comes to making your home more accessible. Each step will make a profound difference and could come in extremely useful at some point or another.