We all have a few techy people in our lives. They love to try new products and one’s that are unique. If you are a techy yourself, then you know all about these kinds of products. Here is a fun list with some products to ponder on.



Watches have come a long way in the past 5 years. The smarter the watch the more it is a appealing. When you are looking for a new watch you will want to look into a few things. First is the main features you are desiring. Do you want it to be waterproof like these? Do you want it to link to your credit card for faster check out times at the store? The band itself is an important aspect. Some watches have a permanent band others have ones that are interchangeable. Some have bands that are different colors, so you can switch it up and keep it fresh. Some people like to buy the extended warranty on them, which others find it not that important.



Whether you like MAC’s or PC’s having one with all the bells and whistles is a super fun aspect to techy’s. People who use their home computers at a frequent rate should consider buying a new one every 3 to 5 years. With new technology constantly coming out there are always fun things you may want. Consider the brand, the processor and screen size. RAM and hard drives should be taken into consideration. Keep your eyes peeled for desktop computer deals, times like Black Friday, Cyber Monday and Prime Day.


Smart Speakers

Smart speakers, like Amazon’s Alexa and Googles Nest are a top priority in many techy peoples lives. They are able to provide you with so many features that you will wonder how you survived before you had one. There are so many versions now available that you will probably want a few types in your home. Most people keep one with a screen in the kitchen. This is an area where a huge part of your time is spent. By having one with a screen you can watch video clips, how to recipe instructions and so much more. You all want at least 2 of these devises in your home, one by the kitchen and the other by your master bedroom. Keep looking at the app that is associated with the device, it will tell you new features and help you set up the device the way you prefer.


Smart Speaker Add On’s

If you are using a smart speaker then you know how helpful they are. The best way to optimize its usage it to connect it to other smart devises you can use around your home. There are lightbulbs that can connect to your speaker, allowing you to voice active them and turn the on and off. You can name the specific bulbs to have even more options. Name one ‘kitchen chandelier’ or ‘sun’ or ‘moon’. You can be basic or creative in naming them. A very popular add on are thermostats. By connecting this type of add on you can control the temperature while now in the home. Turning it up or down as you desire.


When buying something for a techy just think about their lifestyle. This will help direct you when making your purchase.