Whenever someone close to us has a new baby, we find ourselves trying to brainstorm ways to help her out. Between the sleepless nights and major transitions, she’s sure to need a little help with something, right? But what are some of the best ways to help out a new mom that aren’t too overdone or overbearing? Check out some of our go-to things to do to lend a hand to the new moms in your life!

Get Groceries

For many, an easy go-to for helping out new moms is to make a fresh meal and bring it over. While I’m sure this is appreciated, it’s very likely that she has a refrigerator full of lasagnas and casseroles at this very moment. If you’re wanting to help out with food, consider making a stop at the grocery store for her. Shoot her a text and see if she needs some essentials, such as bread, milk, eggs, cheese, etc. You might also consider getting her a gift card to a food delivery service such as Grubhub or Doordash.

Offer to Hang Out with the Baby

This one is a classic, but it really never gets old. If you have a good relationship with the new mother, you might consider offering to spend a few hours with the baby so that she can have some time to herself. Whether she wants to revel in a luxuriously long shower, take a nap, or even just read a book or watch a movie by herself, giving her the option to have some me time is sure to be appreciated. You might also want to get her some video baby monitors if she doesn’t already have any – they’ll help her keep an eye on the baby when she’s in another room and nobody else is around.

Get Her Supplies for Postpartum Recovery

When a new baby comes, there is so much emphasis put on what to do to prepare for and tend to him. What we often fail to acknowledge is the mother’s postpartum needs. No matter what kind of birth experience she had, there are a few things she’ll need to make her postpartum recovery easier. Mombox has a great postpartum recovery box that provides all of the necessary supplies for recovering mamas, and would make a fantastic gift!

Hire a Cleaning Team

This is a definite crowd pleaser. Hire a team of professional cleaners to go and spruce up her home a bit. This is sure to help her feel more relaxed and in control, something that every new mom desperately wants to feel. Depending on what she wants, you might invite her over to your house for a few hours while the crew takes care of her house. Talk to her beforehand to see what works best.

Help Prep Food

There will come a time when she feels ready to start making meals again, and having a few easy options on hand will make a world of difference. Prep a few freezer meals that will make for some easy dinners so that she has some good options to choose from. If she has a crock pot or pressure cooker, take that into account when you’re putting the freezer meals together. Additionally, if the baby is taking formula, you can get some best tasting formula as a gift.

Bring a Gift for Her

Everyone is dropping off little outfits for the little one and boxes of diapers and wipes. These are wonderful things to do! However, a great way to help a new mom is to bring a gift just for her. Whether it’s a bottle of bath salts, a good new book or even her favorite treat, this is a great way to help her feel seen.

We all want to lend a helping hand to new moms who’ve just given birth. If you’re looking for some good ways to help a new mom that you’re close to, be sure to consider some of our favorite go-to’s for taking care of the mamas in our lives!