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3 Cute Photo Session Ideas for Your Newborn

Now that you have finally met your little one, it’s time for those cute, sleepy little newborn pictures. Keep in mind that the clock is ticking so it’s best to set the date with your photographer a few weeks in advance to make sure that they won’t be booked up.

Surf through the web to find the best San Antonio newborn photographer (or the one where you live, of course), do the required research, and only then decide to book. However, don’t be late for the booking. To schedule safely, you should book the week after your due date. The ideal time for a newborn session is when they are five to twelve days old. This will also give you time to find the best site to buy Instagram followers if you’re into your social media! If you need some ideas on themes, here’s a quick list of three options you can’t go wrong with.


When your baby arrives, you’ll naturally want to treat them like a prince or princess. Using accessories such as little crowns and faux fur robes make for the perfect photo. Another element that works great for the royalty theme is the choice of props that you use. A mini gold carriage for them to lay on, jewels to surround them with, or creative use of lace are all beautiful options to make your pictures regal. Make sure that you always choose a few backdrop options so you can have a variety of different moods and feels. With the right backdrop, you won’t need as many props since they tend to set the mood and bring out the simplicity in a photo. You can also hire a Newborn Photographer near your location to implement these ideas since a professional could easily provide you with necessary props or may have ideas about beautiful backdrops. This can help you save your energy to have a successful baby photoshoot.


Set good habits now and dress your little one in a miniature sports kit! We can assume that at some point in their life they will be playing a sport, and if you have a favourite game that you play, it can be a fun way to introduce your baby to it. Choose a sport you’re passionate about and have the props ready to go for the session. If it’s basketball, you can use a jersey or basketball net to lay your baby on top of. You can also position them to look like they’re holding a mini basketball. Some fun sports that use a lot more props are baseball and football since you can use a ball, mini team shirts, and even small little boots.


If the baby has an older brother or sister, it’s only right that a matching session should take place. Adorable baby onesies and kids t-shirts at The Spunky Stork allow you to pick coordinating outfits for each. If you do decide to go with matching outfits, make sure that the material that the baby onesie is made from is from a safe material. Newborn skin tends to be the most sensitive so a material such as organic cotton is a bit more safe than others. When taking these types of sibling pictures, make sure that the poses you choose don’t require much from each. For example, big brother may not be old enough to understand that the baby’s head needs to be held a certain way to avoid harm. Depending on your photographer’s skills, they may be able to photoshop a hand or two out of the picture if you need to step in and help hold your baby. It would be best if you talked it over with your photographer during scheduling so that you are all on the same page for what can be expected to bring your vision to life.

Once your baby is here, it will be a little overwhelming getting used to the new change in your life, so stay ahead of the game and schedule your session sooner than later. Put this on your list of to-dos and cross it off as soon as you can so you can have a stress-free session.

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