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5 Misconceptions About Early Childhood Education That Parents Sadly Believe

Reputable early learning centers, such as this early learning Chatsworth, have been trying for years to convince parents that they are a worthwhile investment for the future of their child. While there are many parents that use early learning facilities, there are many that are dubious regarding the real purpose or benefits of these centers. 

In fact, the following 5 misconceptions are so common that most people believe they are true.

  • All Children Develop at The Same Pace

This is a ridiculous myth that somehow still prevails today. No two people are the same. Your ability and speed at picking up new skills will be different from your sibling or best friend. That’s human nature and that is the same for children.

Although milestones are set for children, these are guidelines. There is no definitive rule for when a child should be able to do something because all children develop at a different pace.

That’s a good thing.

  • Academic Preschools Are Best

Just like everything in life, academic preschools are a good choice, but only for some people. The simple truth is that the best early childhood center for your child is the one that they enjoy. Children are very good at learning things but they all learn in their own way. That means that for some academic preschools are the best answer. But, for others, a more fun-based or even sports-orientated approach will be more effective. They can still learn the same knowledge. 

  • Teachers Educate Best

Teachers are trained to teach making them very good at what they do. However, instead of seeing them as better than you, it’s important to see them for what they are, people helping you. 

Teachers can educate children very effectively because they have the time to do it. They also have the experience and a curriculum that helps to ensure they are doing it right.

But, that doesn’t mean they are the best, they are simply part of the process. Parents are also a valuable part of the teaching process. 

  • The Effects Fade Quickly

The myth says that the benefits and knowledge gained during early education are quickly lost. This is not actually true. While a child may not recall all the information, the knowledge they gain will be absorbed and help to shape their personality and attitudes. 

While the effects may appear to fade the mark early education leaves on a child ensure they are better prepared for whatever future they want 

  • Parents Can Do The Same Job

Finally, many parents state that they can do the same job and it’s a lot cheaper to educate your child at home. However, the sad truth is that parents can’t offer the same level of education. As a parent, you have a list of chores that need to be completed and you’ll want to save some time for bonding and having fun with your child. 

That reduces the available time to educate them. In short, a parent can’t do the same job as the early learning center.


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