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Prepare Your Garden For Winter With These Tips

We’re coming into the colder months now and you need to get your garden ready to withstand the temperature dropping. You don’t want to get to Spring and have a half-dead garden and dying veggie plants. It’s already going to be hard enough to keep on top of the weeds and the lawn when it’s cold, so you need to get it as prepared as possible before the seasons shift.


The garden in winter is often abandoned, and you have to be gentle with it to get it through to Spring without too much damage. Looking at the different types of Zoysia Sod will help you to know how to look after the lawn, and you need to consider how the veggies will survive the cold. With this in mind, here are some of the best tips you need to make your garden survive the incoming frost.


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  • Prep Your Garden Tools

You use garden tools all through the year, but before you put them away, you need to make sure that they are cleaned down and free of rust. Storing them properly in a shed outside will prevent them from swelling and breaking down in the cold, too. They will stay sharp and efficient if you leave them in storage, and keeping your tools and mowers safe will ensure that they last you for some time.

  • Rake The Lawn

Autumn is the time of year that the leaves fall and scatter across the garden. This is the same for branches and twigs from nearby trees! Raking these up at the start of the winter season will clear the lawn and keep the paths clear of anything slippery. You can move any exterior plants that are portable to the greenhouse or in the shed, too, as these will keep safe from the snow and rain shed.

  • Hide The Garden Furniture

Similarly to the portable plants, you need to consider storing your garden furniture properly! No one wants to have to spray down the furniture, but doing this to clean it before storing it will keep the garden furniture stored and protected from the weather. You don’t want to have the weather cause warping or damage on the furniture, especially when it can cost a lot of money. Hide the garden furniture away and you’ll be able to stay on top of it through the season.

  • Get On Top Of Maintenance

Look at the borders of your lawn and driveway and put some work in. You want to dig up the annual plants that have died and those that aren’t as fresh, and then replace them with compost to keep the garden looking good. Maintaining these areas of the garden are important so that they continue to look great through the season and into the Spring next year.


You want to be able to get into the garden when the sunshine is back and enjoy it all. You can only do that if you are vigilant about your garden now!

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