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Essential Health Checks For The New Home

You and your house inspector should have, hopefully, taken a good look at any property you’re moving into before you signed on any dotted lines. However, even if that’s the case, things could have changed in the home and you have different needs to consider. Usually, when first looking at a home, it’s to determine if it has everything your family needs to sustain their desired lifestyle. Now, you need to take a closer look to see if the home is in a healthy condition.

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Take a closer look at the electrics

One home issue you should never ignore is any sign of faulty electrical systems throughout the household. It’s a good idea to take it room by room, testing every light socket and switch, as well as every power outlet. You can easily do this by connecting your phone via charger and seeing if it supplies power. If there are any signs that not all is working as planned, then call an electrician before you use any more power.


Dig around the pipes

As with your electrics, you should tour the plumbing of the home, testing to see how it works. Test every faucet to see if they run, if there’s any stiffness or other signs of issues in them, as well as testing the sinks’ ability to hold water and the toilets’ flush. If there are any issues here, or signs of leaks such as damp patches or water on the floor, then you’re likely to require some Airdrie plumbing. Issues with your water supply and waste are some of the most common home hazards that happen due to simple neglect, so keep an eye out for them.


Protect your environment

One of the facets of a home that can initially be a little harder to test is its ability to retain heat or to keep it out as and when is needed. You can test for air gaps around the windows and doors, as well as checking the interior of the root and the gutters to make sure there are no clear signs of leaks. However, an HVAC specialist is going to be necessary to make sure that your heating and cooling devices are working as effectively as possible. You don’t want to wait until winter to find out your heating doesn’t really work as it should.


Securing the home

When you buy or move into a new home for the first time, it’s usually recommended that you visit a locksmith to get the locks and keys changed. Even if you trust the previous homeowner, you don’t know for certain who does or doesn’t have keys to the home. Otherwise, inspect the entrances and exits of both the home and the garden and think about whether you might need to replace windows with high-security options, for instance.


Don’t be surprised if your home has a few little issues that you might have missed your first time around. Whether it’s your plumbing, electrics, or security, by catching the issues early you will be able to avoid costly repairs in the future. All homes require upkeep and this might just mean that your work begins a little earlier than you thought.

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