Being on a budget should not hold you back from looking good. Luckily, fashion has evolved so much that it’s not just the rich that can dress trendy, everybody can. And let’s face it, 2020 has been a difficult year for most, leaving many with not much spare cash floating around. 


Low-budget shopping isn’t difficult, but you do need to be smart about it. Here are our top 5 tips for successful thrift shopping.


1. Stock up on wardrobe essentials for mix and match choices


One way to avoid the need to buy multiple new outfits each season is to have plenty of staples in your wardrobe. Look for neutral colors, simple patterns, and pieces that are easy to pair with other clothes.


This includes plain t-shirts and vest tops in multiple colors, a couple of good-fitting jeans, simple ballet flat shoes, black high heels, a neutral-colored jacket, and of course, an LBD. Having good-quality wardrobe essentials like these will allow you to interchangeably mix and match your clothes, creating many fresh and stylish outfits.

2. Choose affordably, but with quality

Today, you don’t have to invest a fortune in expensive designer pieces such as natural leather bags, especially when there are so many other alternatives that not only look amazing but are a more eco-friendlier option too. There are many vegan leather bags with different designs, sizes, and colors to suit every style. The world’s biggest fashion brands are also catching on to more sustainable fashion trends by incorporating eco-conscious practices and using eco-friendlier materials such as upcycling clothes and using leftover fabrics and natural vegan alternatives.

3. Utilize sales and promotions


You don’t need to wait until the end of the season to grab some bargains. You can almost always find some decent sales picks at any time of the year on retailers’ websites. Just check out the sale section on their site. 


It’s also worth signing up to newsletters to be the first to know about their sales. Moreover, many brands offer special promotions to new customers signing up with them. These new customer initiatives can be a clever way to find some new on-trend pieces for a fraction of the normal cost. 


4. Shop online with affordable fashion e-commerce brands


It’s not just high-end fashion brands that possess the latest styles. You can find many affordable online retailers offering very similar styles for a much lower price. For example, check out the women’s shoes & apparel from JustFab for the freshest and trendiest garments at an accessible price point. While the price may be low, the quality most definitely is not. In 2020, style and quality are financially accessible for everyone.  If you are more into K-pop outfitsfeel free to check the website here.


5. Keep your outfits fresh with new accessories


If you don’t have the money to treat yourself to a whole new outfit, the next best thing is to indulge in a new accessory. Accessories are an awesome way to freshen up an old outfit and add a sense of style without spending much. A bright scarf, with a cashmere australia material , statement necklace, or a couple of chunky bracelets are perfect examples of this.


6. Get involved in clothes swapping

Clothes swapping is a trend that has come into fashion in recent years. For eco-conscious shoppers and budget-conscious fashion lovers, clothes swapping is a cheap, fun, and environment-friendly way to find new outfits.


Many cities now hold clothes swapping events, taking the concept to a much larger scale. These events are great as there’s a high chance you’ll find multiple items you’ll love.


By following these tips you can stay well-dressed without racking up debt. The key to fashion on a budget is to get creative with your wardrobe and think outside the box.