We are moving into Autumn, which means all of the summer decor and bright colors are now a little out of place in your home. Instead you need to start decorating with  burnt oranges, the mahogany browns and – this year – the metallics! 


If you want sophistication, beauty, elegance and a dash of sass in your home this season, you need to start embracing the metallics that you can add to every room of the house. In this article, we’re going to focus on where you can put the metallics in your home – and how they enhance the space. Let’s take a look!


Image Source: Pexels

  • Mix & Match. You do not have to choose metallics for only one room in the house, nor do you have to hose down the house with metallic fabric and furniture. You can add bronze fireplace doors to the fireplace in the living room and then enhance the look with other metallic accents. This can include metallic photo frames and large metallic vases and lamps. You can mix and match the metallics that you choose, too, pairing golds with silver, brone with rose gold and coming up with different color combinations. You can even add metallic lightswitches and outlet covers, too.
  • Industrial Chic FTW. When you put tarnished and distressed metallics against exposed brick and pipework, you can embrace that industrial chic look. Try copper and bronze with silver and you get a beautiful look for your home. Tarnished metallics really do have a place, and it doesn’t take too much of it to make whichever room you’re decorating.
  • Think Outside The Box. You can incorporate mirror finishes into your home and bring metallics outside the box. You don’t have to have a ton of gold and copper in the house to embrace metallic decor – mirrors do the same job. You get a sophisticated look and you can create an illusion of light in the space. Metallic furniture that has a high-gloss surface can give you all the convincing you need to give it a go in your home.
  • The Unexpected. Gold and silver are beautiful materials to add to the home, but you don’t have to drape it all over the place. You can have muted golds with a stunning silver table lamp. Or you can buy gold fabrics and incorporate them into the way other furniture and accessories look with it.
  • Choose A Room. You don’t have to put metallics into every room, but you do have to think about which rooms you want to add metallics to first. This way, you can plan your budget around which rooms you need to buy for and make it stand out in the best way.


Lastly, you’ve got to choose the right metals! You can’t add wrought iron inside the home unless you have a room with high ceilings and big enough to cope with the strength of the metal. It’s very rustic, and it’s great for patios, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t bring it in.