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Achieving Your Fitness Goals: 5 Routine Changes to Implement This Winter


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Generally, summer is for getting fit and strong, while the winter months are more suitable for cuddling up under the duvet. However, this past summer has been a little different, with all the lockdowns and social distancing measures that have been keeping us away from the gym. Nonetheless, the arrival of a winter that we are all likely to spend indoors can also be a brilliant opportunity to start looking after yourself again and achieve your fitness goals – yes, even without the gym! It is about finding the right motivation, routine, and type of exercise that fits you! Here is how.

Find a Type of Exercise That Fits You

Just because your friends are gym fanatics and you are not, it does not mean that you won’t ever meet your fitness goals. Today, there is an endless range of disciplines and types of exercises that can be greatly beneficial for your mind and body – without having to buy that costly gym subscription!


For example, you might decide to try Pilates or Yoga, which can yield incredible results in terms of general well-being, mindset improvement, flexibility, balance, and strength. Since our interests and fitness goals are different, you don’t necessarily need to stick to lifting weights or running because that’s considered the way to do it by your friends and family. Finding the type of training for your needs can also help you find that motivation that you have lacked for a while!

Nurture Body and Mind Through Meditation

Our body and mind are much more interconnected than we often tend to realize. Indeed, there is no real improvement at the gym without a better understanding of the way your muscles move. And, it is no secret that pushing a little harder during your training won’t happen without gaining control over that mind-muscle connection. 


So, if you have gotten stuck at an even level in your training and don’t seem to improve, it is your mind that you have to work on! And, for this, what is better than a daily session of mindful meditation? You can make a meditation session as long or as short as you need, but integrating this aspect into your routine is crucial. Indeed, meditation can help control stress levels, relieve anxiety, help you focus, and have better control over your emotions. Give it a try!

Leverage Technology

Undoubtedly, the gym is where we focus on our well-being and training. However, now that gyms are closed or unsafe, this should not be an excuse to avoid training and exercising altogether!


Indeed, there is an increasing number of YouTube channels, apps, and online resources that you can leverage to keep up with your training. You will find several types of training styles and classes led by the best professionals in the field. So, ultimately, you can have better guidance and resources than the ones you would get at the gym without using a personal trainer!

Find the Right Motivation

You are not likely to go a lot further without the right motivation and mindset. Trying to find the time to exercise in the busy lives we all live can be extremely challenging, and sometimes it is necessary to have an iron determination to get through with your plans!


However, some tricks can be useful in finding the right motivation and achieving your goals. For example, the benefits of journaling have been studied and tested. Many individuals find it much easier to find daily motivation to record their successes and achievements. So, potentially investing in a journal or diary can help you keep up with your goals. Alternatively, finding a buddy or partner can also be beneficial. 

It Is All About Nutrition

We all strive towards healthy eating, and sometimes it can be hard to switch to a more nutritious diet. However, no matter your budget, deciding to fill your fridge with fresh, seasonal fruits and vegetables, cereals, and organic proteins can be the way to be more energized and motivated during the day. 


If you aren’t yet ready for this drastic change, start by cutting out your diet, the majority of refined sugars, chemicals, and processed foods. Regardless of the diet that you are following, these foods will not be positive for your health!

Invest in the Right Supplements

While healthy eating and nutritious meals are fairly similar for everybody, each person has some personal goals to achieve through their diets and nutritional regime. For example, someone who wishes to become a bodybuilder won’t follow the same diet of someone trying to shed some extra weight! But, in both cases, supplements can help – if taken mindfully. However, you should first research the different kinds on the market, speak to a nutritionist, and then only commit to high-quality products that show all the ingredients contained, such as the revolutionary supplements released by bodybuilder Jason Huh


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