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How To Eat Your Way To More Energy

There are plenty of demands put on us in this day and age. We have to work longer hours, we’re supposed to have a side-project, there are social events to attend, vacations to take, and oh so much more. While these are mostly good things, it’s also true that it can be a little bit tiring from time to time. It can feel like we’re always running low on energy! While there are plenty of ways to boost your energy levels, such as exercising and taking cold showers, one of the best — not to mention enjoyable — ways is through your stomach. It’s more than possible to eat your way to more energy! We take a look at a few ways how below.



Eat That Breakfast


There are some people who say that you don’t need to have breakfast if you had a big meal the night before. The thinking is that you haven’t used up any energy while you were sleep, so you’ve got plenty to burn off in the morning. Therefore, breakfast is not needed! This, however, may not be correct. Your body does, in fact, use up energy when it’s sleeping. And in any case, the meal from the night before is not going to see you through until lunchtime!


It’s better to follow the European way, which is to eat breakfast like a King. If you have a breakfast that’s high in nutrition and energy, then you’ll find that you’re flying all the way through to lunchtime. You don’t need to get too creative: a big bowl of porridge will do. You may want to check out the Best supplements for energy as well so you can make sure your energy is consistent as you make it to lunchtime.


The Right Approach


If you feel like you’re eating enough calories during the day, yet still don’t seem to have as much energy as you’d like, then take a look at how you’re consuming all that food. It’s much better, energy and metabolism wise, to eat multiple small meals, rather than two large meals during the day. If you take the latter approach, all you’ll find that happens is that you’re so full that the last thing you can think about is being upright and energetic. If you take the other approach, and have a few small meals, then you won’t need to worry about your metabolism processes weighing you down. You’ll be light as a bird.


Avoid the Energy Sappers


Knowledge is power! If you think you eat relatively well yet never seem to have as much energy as you’d like or need, then perhaps it’s the food you’re eating. Some are more harmful to your energy levels than you might realize. For example, goods that are high in carbs can give you a sluggish feeling, so you’ll want to avoid eating bread, rice, and white pasta in too big a quantity. And while breakfast cereals might sound like a healthy option, many are actually loaded up with sugars, which will cause your energy to spike temporarily, but then drop off.


Tried and Tested Boosts


So now you know what foods are going to cause your energy levels to drop, it’s best to find out what will have it moving in the right direction. One of the best things to include in your diet is fatty fish, which are high in Omega-3 and protein, two important components when it comes to having more energy. For your breakfast, you may want to look at including eggs, which have also been proven to be pretty great at providing energy, as is oatmeal.


Ancient and Modern Secrets


We’re beginning to understand more and more about the foods that can give us energy; some of them are ancient, some of them are more modern discoveries. Take zaatar, for example. In some countries, you don’t need to ask,what is zaatar?‘ — in others, it’s just not part of the culture (yet). In basic terms, it’s a blend of herbs that have been shown to provide humans with a whole host of benefits, including more energy. If you’re looking for a way to make your meals more interesting and want to give your body and mind an energy boost (among other benefits), then look at making zaatar a staple of your cupboard.


Simple Snacks

If you’re in a pinch for energy, then instead of grabbing a coffee or energy drink, take a look at having one of the simple snacks that’ll provide you with a burst of power. The two most popular options are a peanut butter sandwich and an apple, both of which will slowly release energy until you can have a full meal.

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