As some of you know, our youngest son was adopted from India.

This past month we had a lot to celebrate as we reflected on him being in his forever home for one year! It has been a true delight to see him grow and flourish and we are truly blessed to calm him son!

The beginning of August we celebrated Raksha Bandhan as a family and it is now a tradition I hope to treasure annually. We were actually in India picking up our son during Raksha Bandhan last year. It was a beautiful sight to see carts lining the streets blanketed in red handmade Rakhis sparkling in the wind.

In Indian tradition the sister ties a Rakhi around the wrist of her brother, promising to pray for him. In return the brother gives his sister a gift, or sweet, promising to protect her.

Together we read A Thread of Love and the kids took turns presenting Rahki’s to each other. They said sweet little prayers over each other and we sat around the table drawing sibling pictures.

Our sibling pictures wouldn’t have been the same without Crayola’s new Colors of World Multicultural Crayons.

This pack of crayons contain 24 specially formulated colors representing people of the world.

These skin tone crayons helped make coloring pages and drawings even more detailed and realistic.

The Crayola’s Colors of the World, our kids were able to celebrate the diversity of our family.

It was incredible for them to even recognize how each of us actually have slightly different colors; mommy being rosy while daddy was almond, big brother inherited the Italian golden colors while sister’s German skin is very light, and beautiful baby India represents his roots with his deep golden skin.

This was also a wonderful transition into reading The Colors of Us!

It is a sweet story of a girl named Lena, learning that brown comes in many different shades. Through her eyes she begins to see her familiar world in a new way. We took time to talk about the importance and beauty of diversity.

This book, and Color of the World Skin Tone Crayons, are wonderful resources in celebrating the differences and similarities that connect all people.