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Are you safe in the workplace? The most common workers’ compensation claims revealed

No one ever heads into work thinking that they’ll have an accident. We all expect to be working in a safe environment. Somewhere safe, where safety is one of the top concerns of CEOs and business owners alike.

Sadly, work accidents can happen to anyone, at any time and in any profession. Whether you’re working in an office or you’re organizing a warehouse, we’re all exposed to some element of risk during our working lives and it is also why it is important to get injury at work advice here, online, for preparation of a situation like this. It’s the responsibility of your employer to ensure you and your fellow employees are kept up to date with the latest training, have safety equipment where necessary, such as safety swing gates, and have a workers’ compensation policy in place.

Workers’ compensation ensures that if you are injured at work and the company is at fault, then you’ll be covered for any loss of earnings, medical charges and other potential costs. Speak with personal injury lawyers who operate in South Carolina for more information on the subject.

Here we’ll explore the most common workers’ compensation claims.

Struck by an object

Falling objects can cause all kinds of injuries. From heavy items falling from warehouse structures to boxes falling from filing cabinets, even tools and heavy equipment falling from scaffolding on building sites. Being struck by an object can result in broken bones, serious head injuries and even death.

Exposure to chemicals/substances

There should always be adequate, and regularly updated training for anyone who is handling or is regularly exposed to chemicals and harmful substances. Your employer should also provide safety gear to keep you protected. Sadly, accidents still happen. Often resulting in burns, catastrophic respiratory injuries, rashes and even neurological injuries.

Road accidents

If you drive for a living, if you’re a trucker, or a salesperson driving from client to client, then you’re at risk of becoming involved in a road accident. If any aspect of your job requires you to be on the road then you’re at risk and your workers’ compensation should cover you. Always speak with your employer for clarity in such cases.

Slips, trips and dangerous falls

If you’ve ever fallen over in the office, you’ll know how embarrassing it can be. However, if you have a serious fall then you’ll be left with more than just embarrassment. Broken bones, head injuries, back injuries and fractures are common workers’ compensation claims. Spillages on breakroom floors, oil or fuel slicks in warehouses, even muddy, wet ground on building sites. A slip or trip can have serious medical and financial consequences.


Overexertion can be a result of lifting boxes, pushing crates, moving your computer from one desk to another. If you’re lifting and moving heavy objects, then you’re at risk of overexerting yourself. Twisting your back, causing muscle spasms, tearing ligaments, and pulling muscles don’t sound serious but they can be incredibly painful and debilitating. Neck Injuries at Work can also happen as a result of falls or serious muscle strains. These require proper treatment and you can claim their compensation legally within the time limit. So right after your recovery, do get in touch with a lawyer to proceed with the claims.

Speak with your employer

If you want to know more about your workers’ compensation rights, then speak to your employer as soon as possible.

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