Why choose between a gorgeous home and an eco-friendly one? Some of you might think there has to be some sort of sacrifice between the two, but this couldn’t be farther from the truth. You can very easily make home improvements that add something to your decor while also providing eco-friendly benefits.

Of course, that’s what we’ll take a look at today! There are a lot of websites that are the source of articles on home improvement, such as Specifier and many more, that can help to give advice and inspiration on your home. This article will shed some light on the eco-friendly changes that you can make. Here are some excellent home improvement ideas that do more than just make your home look nice:

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Upgrade your roof

A new style of roofing is a fantastic home improvement idea which you can view the website here and check out. You don’t realize how much this upgrades your home until you see it on top of your house! A roof will completely alter your exterior design and can bring a touch of class to your property. Make sure you do thorough research first to find a contractor like Stourbridge Roofing Pro’s, for example, that will suit your roofing needs, you can then plan what to do with them once you reach out.

From an eco-friendly perspective, a new roof will bring a couple of benefits. Firstly, you can have a new roof installed by a company like A to Z Construction made from more energy-efficient materials. This means it traps more heat in your home, lowering your energy bills. Adding more insulation can also help to achieve this effect. Secondly, roofing is a great place to install solar panels. If you really want to be eco-efficient, this can be a super idea.

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Install solar panels

As touched upon, the roof is a great place to install solar panels. Your roof needs to be strong enough to support them, so only install solar panels if your roof has been inspected and deemed strong enough. If it isn’t strong enough, strengthen it whilst you carry out the work mentioned above. After strengthening, look at the aspect of your roof (the direction the slope is pitched). If your roof faces the sun, installing solar panels is easy. If it’s pitched away from the sun, you might need to get clever. Then, you need to find yourself a solar panel supplier. The best Solar Panels Newcastle has to offer are a great option if you live in the Newcastle area (Australia), but plenty of firms in your own local area will now sell solar panels as they’ve become more and more popular.

If you’re worried about solar panels ruining the look of your beautiful roof, say you’ve got slates or even a green roof, don’t worry, solar panels are much sleeker and more subtle than they used to be, so they fit cleanly on your roof with minimal disruption to the eye-line. Some roofs can’t have solar panels installed on them, such as thatch, but they can be attached to walls or even placed at ground level if you have space, so you too can enjoy the benefits of free energy, courtesy of the sun.

Fit new windows

New windows will also provide aesthetic and green benefits! Again, this is a home improvement a lot of people sleep on, yet it will have an immediate impact. Some new windows will make your house look cleaner and more modern. In fact, these first two home improvement ideas alone will drastically change how your house looks!

Secondly, new windows are far more energy-efficient than they used to be. If your house is old, you might have heavily non-efficient windows that leak so much heat. Getting some modern windows corrects this, makes your house more eco-friendly, and can also provide extra soundproofing as a bonus.

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BONUS: Bamboo flooring

Hardwood flooring looks stunning, but it’s rarely very eco-conscious. The issue is that this type of flooring isn’t sustainable and leads to a lot of deforestation around the world. If only there was a way to capture the elegance and beauty of wood flooring while still being eco-friendly.

Oh wait, there is! Bamboo flooring is a massive trend in the green world right now. It looks and feels like wood flooring, but bamboo flooring is technically grass. Yes, you have not got grass flooring in your home – how strange! This type of flooring is far more sustainable and much more eco-friendly than most other flooring types. If you don’t like this idea or would prefer a different style of flooring, there are many eco-friendly alternatives to popular flooring types. Do your research and find better options than ones that harm the planet.

See, making home improvements doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice eco-friendliness. These three examples show that you can make your house look stunning while adding green benefits at the same time. If everyone approached home improvements/renovations in this way, we could create a far more eco-conscious world!

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