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Eco-Friendly Alternatives to Everyday Household Items


Every day we use countless throw-away items or stuff that affects our health in numerous ways.


Not only that, but with the increasing concerns regarding pollution, it’s time to start thinking hard and clear about what you can do to get all the convenience you want without negatively impacting the environment. In that regard, businesses may start giving out products in reusable containers. For instance, a cosmetic company can look for sustainable cosmetic wholesale packaging manufacturers that can provide them with re-usable containers in which they can house their products. This can enable a substantial decrease in landfills. That said, one can take choose to reuse other products instead of the regular practice of using and throwing.


Fabric Napkins


Spilling stuff is almost inevitable no matter how careful you are. However, you can change the way you deal with these spills.


Instead of getting the usual roll of paper towels that you’ll constantly need to change, look for fabric napkins that you can wash and reuse at your leisure.


Paper towels are a big part of waste produced by Americans. Fabric napkins, on the other hand, can last you for years until finally needing a replacement. And if that’s not enough reason to go for them, think about how much money you’ll save in the long run.


Reusable Water Bottles


To no one’s surprise, one of the biggest polluters in any country are plastic water bottles. The ridiculous amount of plastic getting dumped into the ocean is mind-blowing.


While carrying around a reusable bottle isn’t too convenient, it does a lot for the environment. And recently, it also became a trend among celebrities. And here’s the catch: they don’t just enable you to produce less waste. These bottles also prevent the contamination of beverages since they are BPA/BPS free.




We all know about the harsh chemicals used in detergents. One might think that these pollutants are necessary to remove hard stains and keep clothes or dishes smelling good for longer periods of time.


However, that’s not exactly the case. The same effect can be achieved by using completely natural plant-based enzymes and compounds. This should be especially concerning if you’re thinking about dishwashing detergent because some of the nasty chemicals can remain stuck on your dishes.


You wouldn’t want ingesting that nasty stuff, so the best alternative is to look for the best natural dishwasher detergent that you can buy online or in stores.


Tote Bags


Why spend extra cash on plastic or paper grocery bags that don’t even last that long? Consider getting a tote bag and using it for all your carrying needs.


As long as you wash it properly and take good care of it, a tote bag can last you for years or even decades. Think about how much money you’ll be saving once you get one. And think about how many pounds of plastic you’ll prevent from getting into the ocean or landfills.


Eco-Friendly Straws


Since California and other states started banning plastic straws, many businesses have relied on paper straws to give their customers the same convenience without any of the earth-damaging properties.


But while a paper straw is effective, they don’t feel as good when you’re trying to sip some soda or juice with it. The best alternatives are stainless steel and bamboo straws that can be rewashed and reused to your heart’s content.


Biodegradable Trash Bags


While the items you’re throwing away might be friendly for the environment, trash bags are not. Sadly, most trash bags on the market are made from plastics.


However, there are a few biodegradable trash bags options that you can look into. We recommend those with BPI certification to make sure that you are getting the maximum reliability for storing and emptying your trash bin without affecting the environment in any way, shape, or form.


Compostable K-Cups


It seems like ages since standard coffee filters were best-sellers on the market. People now use advanced coffee makers that don’t even require you to ground your own beans.


However, single-use coffee pods are made, as you’ve probably guessed, from non-biodegradable plastics. If you have a large family or if you like drinking more than one coffee each day, you’re generating a lot of waste.


If it weren’t for biodegradable K-Cups, we would be recommending going back to traditional filters. But because of them, you can enjoy the same convenience without leaving an impact on the environment. So check out sustainable coffee pods the next time you’re shopping for a caffeine hit.


Final thoughts


Going green can be hard sometimes, but protecting our planet makes this effort worth it. We encourage our readers and their families to look for natural and sustainable alternatives to every household item they use.

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