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As a family, we have been working towards a plastic free home.

This is no easy feat, let me tell ya. Its a long process for us because we are on a budget, like most, and need to transition slowly.

There are so many products that we own that I don’t even think about needing to switch out. One of the main ones being our kids dinnerware. We’ve switched out their plates to silicone, cups to stainless steel, but have done nothing with their bowls. We’ve been using plastic still!

I’ve been researching safe, plastic free bowls for about a year. Not liking many of the products I was coming across, I kept putting off buying replacements.

Recently though, I came across the brand Kiddobloom. This brand offers stainless steel dinnerware for babies and kids. Their products are durable, practical, and will last for years to come.

Kiddobloom offers non-toxic, hand-crafted stainless steel dinnerware sets for children. Dinnerware sets and utensil sets are available, each with engraved images as options. These options include: princess, frog, fire truck, and airplane; there is a plain option as well.

The dinnerware set includes a bowl, a cup, and a divided plate.

The utensil set includes two forks, two spoons, and one knife. There are a few variations of this set; see the Kiddobloom site for those options.

I love these Kiddobloom products for so many reasons.

The stainless steel used is hand-crafted and is CPSIA and FDA compliant (The Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act and Food and Drug Administration). They are designed to be safe, non-toxic, and hygienic. These are all characteristics that any parent wants for their child’s dinnerware.

The stainless steel material is super durable and will survive lots of drops and bumps. This is super important for our family because we are an all boy family. My kids (and most) have a tendency to break things very easily; these products defy the odds. Yay!

I love how easy the pieces of the set stack. Each of the different pieces stack inside themselves. This makes storing them easy and minimal.

The small handles on the bowls and cups help kids transition from bottles to cups. They also help tremendously with kids learning to self feed. The cup is very light, even when filled, so learning is even easier.


The Kiddobloom dinnerware sets are perfect for kids of all ages. New eaters can transition easily and seamlessly with the light weight plates, cups, and bowls. Their cups are super easy to use and learn with because of the well designed handles. As durable as the dinnerware is, I have high hopes that these will be around our house for a long time. Go check them out!

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